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     Yeah, we just couldn't NOT do this famous pose, considering we were at the YMCA! Now come on, you know you are singing the song right now! Yeah, so did we. 
Looking up towards the top of the building. The green color stands out and is absolutely beautiful, as are the windows shown here.

This was only Beth's second investigation with the team, and she did great. We are so glad to have her on board!
Teri, listening to some of the history of the YMCA.
We were told about an incident happening in one of the rooms on the second floor. One investigator picked this room, while a second investigator only photographed one door. Guess which room was the right one.
One of 3 racketball courts that was inside the YMCA. They have heard voices inside this court. A man died here from a heart attack, after playing a round of ball.
Spirit Box/Ovilus:

These were captured on the 2nd floor.
Captured on the 3rd floor. This was one of three times the Ovilus or Spirit Box said this word during the investigation. Maybe they were trying to tell us something?
We wish to thank our friends at After Dark Paranormal for allowing us to investigate this historic building.
For more information about the YMCA, contact ADP here:
And tell them that Il-Mo sent you.
Captured on the 3rd floor.
Captured in the basement, near where there used to
be a bowling alley.
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