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World Record Holders
     The Midwest has so very much to offer. The seasons, the drastic differences in temperatures, beautiful fall colors, wonderful cool lakes, excellent fishing and hunting, and lots of back country roads. The Midwest is also the final resting places to some people known as world record holders, just not in the way that you might think.
     Most people would like to know that they are remembered for doing something special. It may be from writing a book, or catching that final touchdown when at state. It may be from the hours spent donating time to help others, or from finding the cure to some disease. We all would like to be remembered as something special. The people presented on these pages are no different from all of us. But we bet that they just never thought that they would be remembered as a record holder due to being different. Many of these people, due to their unusual appearance, had difficulty in finding a job and supporting themselves. Most had problems which developed in childhood, and became more pronounced as they grew. Many of their conditions would be treatable with today's medicine. Gastric bypass can treat obesity. Removal of glands or medication can halt rapid growth. Conjoined twins are separated, and many times live full lives. Extra digits can be removed. And medicine can be used to treat skin disorders which, in the past, have caused people to be shunned as a freak.
     To support themselves, many of these people became members of the "Freak Shows" often found in the traveling circuses in the early 1900's. People would pay money to stare at the "unusual human" that was "behind the curtain." They often were taunted by the spectators and laughed at by many. Many had to travel in specially constructed carriages and wagons to accommodate their large size. And many of them died at a much too early age, often as a result of their unusual conditions.
     In some ways, things are better today, and in some they are not. People of unusual size are still taunted and laughed at, made to feel as if they are less a human being than those that spout the nonsense. Large people are told to "eat less"  when often the cause of the weight gain is something they can't always control; be it a gland disorder, poor habits growing up, or severe depression. And admit it, we all go to the fast food places way more than we should. But on the upside, these "unusual persons" are no longer put on display in a circus, and the "Freak Shows" are no longer in existence.
     This section is dedicated to the persons who have, at one time, been named in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Due their appearance, they didn't lead a normal life, and will forever be remembered in this fashion. We hope to showcase several of these persons who are buried in the Midwest area. Not as a way to poke fun at them and what they endured. Our goal is to honor these persons by presenting a page dedicated to each one. These pages will present some history of each person, photographs of their lives (when we can find them,) a write-up of their life, and photographs of their final resting place. It is by learning from the past that we do not repeat the wrong in our future. We hope that you will help us to honor each of these record holders, and by honoring them, they will be remembered for the persons that they were, and not the pages they hold in a record book.
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