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Woodland Cemetery

Quincy, Illinois

     One of the prettiest cemeteries in the Midwest is the Woodland Cemetery in Quincy, Illinois. Established in 1846, this cemetery has had its share of mystery and death. John Wood, the first settler of Quincy, took over the seat of Governor. In 1847, a special act of legislature empowered Governor Wood to plot Woodland Cemetery. In 1849, Governor Wood, in an agreement with the city of Quincy, conveyed to the city the grounds, with the city agreeing to provide ordinances to care for the cemetery. Many expansions have been added, work has been done, and trees have been planted. All resulting in the beautiful place seen today.
     But the cemetery is not without its sad side. In 1883, Joseph Roger, known as the Indian Doctor, murdered his wife than killed himself. They were buried in separate caskets in the same grave, in the Potters Field section of the cemetery. The next day, workers noticed that part of the soil had been disturbed and multiple footprints were surrounding the grave. Investigation showed that Mr. Roger's side of the grave had been disturbed, the body was sitting almost upright, with a rope around his neck. It seems that someone tried to pull his body out of the grave, but the collapsing soil kept the body from leaving the ground. They then recovered the grave and left. The body of Mrs. Roger was not disturbed.
     In 1889, the second son of John Wood committed suicide in the cemetery, at the age of 59. He was standing next to the grave of his first wife, when he put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. A young life ended there among his family.
     But the beauty of the cemetery is something that has to be experienced to be understood. Trees reaching towards the sky, stones tilting with the passage of the seasons, and monuments to the heros of yesteryear. Please join us as we take a step through the stones, and visit the resting places of many of Quincy's leaders, as well as its citizens.

John Wood, first settler of Quincy and founder of Woodland Cemetery.
Carl Landrum, who wrote about the history of Quincy. Mr. Landrum 
also published a weekly article of the history of Quincy and Adams County for more than 35 years.
The fireman's statue, honoring John Ayers, who died in 1875. This statue was dedicated first in 1875, than rededicated in 2003 by the Quincy Retired Firefighters.
Soldiers Memorial
One of the trees, in full fall fashion
inside the cemetery.
The City Vault. At one time, during an influenza outbreak, bodies were stored here until the ground thawed and they could be buried.
The Woodland Mausoleum.This building sits on the site of a Civil War Hospital.
The burial site of William and Anna Metz, parents of George Metz, who had built the Villa Kathrine.
A smaller mausoleum. Story is that there is a skylight in the roof, as
the little boy who is buried here was afraid of the dark.

A walk through the beautiful Woodland Cemetery.

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