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Willow Creek
Shannon, Illinois
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers were pleased to recently be able to team up with After Dark Paranormal, and travel to Shannon, Illinois to visit Willow Creek Farm. The reports of paranormal activity surrounding this location has been amazing, and we were looking forward to experiencing this for ourselves. The house was built in 1869, and previously had been the home to several different Native American tribes, including the Dakota, Fox, Sauk, and the Illiniwek tribe. It was also the home to several European settlers.
    David Holmes married Mary Boardman around 1855. The house was built, and the family lived there for many years. In 1889, David and Mary's daughter Margaret married Frank Zier, and the farm became known as the Zier Farm. The property remained in the family until the 1980's. The land was purchased in 2007 by Al Kelchner and the name changed to Willow Creek Farms.
     Upon arriving at the location, we received a tour of the property by Al, including stories of the history of the farm, as well as activity that has been occurring since his purchase. He spoke of Sara and her 2 children, Mary and Lily, that have responded many times in the house. Also is Robert, a "shy" young boy who is known to stay upstairs. And there is Michael, said to be a very large man that is noted downstairs and outside in the barn.
     We were amazed that we didn't have to wait long before the activity made itself known to us. The sound of a metalic dragging noise in the barn, where there was nothing except for tractors. Maybe Michael, working out there? The sounds of footsteps inside, a dress swishing in the dining room and at the top of the stairs, and shadows noted in the living room and dining room.
     We left this location definitely looking forward to returning. We want to thank Al as well as After Dark Paranormal for providing us access to one of the most active locations we have ever been to. Please stay with us to see some pictures taken that night, as well as the evidence we captured. And we hope to return to Willow Creek Farms very soon!
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In the building. Team members heard the sound
of metal clanging in this location. Only the equipment
is located here, and no windows.
Between the dining room and the living room.
This is the location where the team was able to see
shadows between here and the dining room.
Looking down the stairs. The team heard the sound of
a dress swishing, which sounded like it moved from the stairs
towards the bedrooms, as well as footsteps.
One of the upstairs bedrooms.
Barn on the property, which is no longer standing.
Cemetery located across the road.
Another bedroom upstairs. This was, at one time, the
doctor's office.
The team was sitting in these chairs when they heard the
sound of a dress swishing and moving towards the living
room area.
All captured in the dining room area.
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