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Willow Creek
     In 2014, After Dark Paranormal and Il-Mo Entity Trackers completed a joint investigation to Willow Creek Farm. Having enjoyed the experience so very much, and after talking about returning, when the invite came to return this year, we were very excited to be able to return to this location once again.
    This beautiful farm is located outside Shannon IL. The house was built by David Holmes and his bride Mary Boardman in 1985. This full working farm stayed in the family until the 1980's. The land was purchased by Al Kelchner in 2007 and he changed the name from the Zier Farm to Willow Creek Farm. The farm is amazing. And  knowing that Josh and Amy were also making the trip with us, could this get any better!
      We really want to tell you a little bit about Al. He works in Chicago, which is located approximately 200 miles to the east. He stays in Chicago during the week. and then he comes home on the weekend. There is always so much work to do, but he still invites some paranormal groups to enjoy his home, and without charging a fee. He is always so pleasant and loves to tell stories about the house and the spirits that stay here.
     There are several entities that they have found to be still residing here. Sara is the mother, and there are 2 young children, Mary and Lily. Robert is a young boy that can be found in the doctor's room upstairs. Big Mike seems to be a worker on the farm that can often be seen in the kitchen and garage. The land was also inhabited by Indians, and they can often be seen looking down from the ridge.
     Since we came early, we helped Al finish up some of the work for the day, and he took us on a tour of some of the small towns in the area, and then took us to dinner in Clinton, Illinois, to this wonderful restaurant on the river. We had a awesome dinner and were able to catch up on some new stories.
    While we were gone to dinner, we left recorders running, with the hope of catching some activity while the house was empty. We were please to find that we did catch the sounds of footsteps running up the steps, similar to what we captured last year. Otherwise, the house was rather quiet compared to our previous investigation. Al did say that they had had a team in the night before, and that the spirits were really active for them. We often wonder just what impact back-to-back investigations have on the entities. This is something we plan to continue to evaluate. We did hear someone following us out in the garage and around the old barn. Maybe Mike was out there with us, to see what we were doing.  We spent the night in the living room and it was noted that the recorder in that room had shut off, and it was noted that the batteries were still full, and there was plenty of space still left on the recorder.
     Al is cutting back on teams that get to come in so he can spend more time relaxing, and he wants to turn this place back into a working farm. We hope to return in 2016 and will keep you posted if we are able to do so.
     We wish to thank Al for his kindness, and also a big thanks to After Dark Paranormal for letting us investigate Willow Creek Farm again!  
     For the report of our last investigation to this location, click this link:  Willow Creek 
Willow Creek Farms house
The members of After Dark Paranormal
Ali, Dave, Josh, and Amy during set-up
Trigger objects for the young girls
Jamie sits and listens
Living room, complete with heating stove
Stairs, always interesting
Jamie investigates
During a break, a chance to visit with friends
Master Bedroom
Living room area
Viewing some of the furniture, do spirits attach to some?
Looking into the next room
Light up balloons, another trigger object
Captured when all investigators were gone, there
was no one in the house at this time.
All investigators present were over the age of 18.
An no one recognized this voice.
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