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Waverly Hills Sanatorium

        Louisville, Kentucky           



     Driving down, you can actually miss the turn off to this historic building. Once you get on the right road, you find the gate is locked, and you have to wait to be let in. Than you go up the lane, and it stands before you, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium. The place where so many people lived and died. A place that has withstood the passage of time. Well, you know the history. You don't? Well, let us fill you in.
     The land was purchased in 1883 by Thomas Hays. He had built a one-room schoolhouse, so his children could obtain an education. The school teacher loved to read Scott Waverley's novels, so named it the Waverly School. Mr. Hays enjoyed the name, so he named his place Waverly Hills, a name which remains to this day.
     The Sanatorium was originally a two-story building, constructed in 1908 and opened in 1910. Designed to accommodate 40-50 people, it soon became necessary to expand in 1912 to accommodate an additional 50 people. 1916 saw the addition of a children's pavilion, bringing in an additional 40 beds. The need continued, due to the outbreak of tuberculosis, and in 1924, construction was started on a facility that would accommodate approximately 400 patients. 
     The use of antibiotics saw a reduction in the number of TB cases, and the building was closed in 1961. 1962 saw it reopen as the Wood Haven Medical Services, serving the needs of a geriatric population. Due, we are sure, to state regulations and deteriorating conditions, the building closed in 1980.  
     But the story of Waverly goes much deeper than numbers and years. It has to do with the souls which still seem to remain inside the building. The voices and shadows seen, the reports of physical touch which has happened, mists forming, footsteps, and the feeling of being watched as one walks around this massive building. Could it be the departed have not left yet? Did the nurse hang herself on the fifth floor, and is she still walking around tending to the patients she left behind? Do they remain because they don't know they are dead? Or are they still waiting on loved ones which have not arrived at their final destination? And do they hang out in the body chute and try to get back into the building? What is the body chute? Let us explain.
     The body chute is a tunnel-like enclosure that was constructed to transport supplies into the building. Wagons would pull up with supplies, and they were placed on the platform, and using a wench system, pulled up into the building. Steps take up half the tunnel, and these employees would use get to work, instead of braving the steep grades and weather to come in the front door. With the massive amounts of deaths, this system became used to lower the bodies down and to the awaiting hearses, the fear that seeing so many bodies being carried out would depress the remaining people. 500 feet long, you are plunged into total darkness after being only 30 feet inside the tunnel. People say they can hear the cries inside the tunnel. One worker lost his arm when it became entangled in the wench and was torn from his body. 
     Is this building haunted? Many people say it is.Tina, the present owner is working to restore the building to its former glory. Is the renovations causing an increase in activity? Il-Mo Entity Trackers had the pleasure of being able to conduct an investigation this past May in this location. Come along with us as we take a step back to our visit to Waverly Hills, often deemed the most haunted place in America.

 Our Tour Guide, Anthony
Teri with the owner, Tina
 The Morgue, holding place for the deceased
Scott carries a recorder and listens for voices
 Lights in the surgery
 The Death Tunnel
from the top towards the bottom
 The children, playing outside on the rooftop. At one time, there was a swing set for the children to enjoy
Sharon films while Scott lies on a table. 


This clip was captured in the OR Suite. One of our team members was touching the ceramic tile which
was still attached to the walls. Maybe they didn't like that idea?
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