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Virgil Hickox House
Springfield, Illinois
     Springfield has long been the home of many interesting buildings related to our country's past. This location is no exception. But are the lines between past and present a bit blurred here? Looking for answers in the today often requires a visit to the past, for a better understanding of what may be in the present.
      Virgil Hickox moved to Springfield, Illinois in 1834. The land was purchased from Paschal P. Enox in 1839, and the home constructed. The original building was a 20X40 foot structure, but due to the requirements of the growing business, as well as his growing family, (he and his wife had 6 children,) additions were necessary. Its features include an "English Basement," which is an apartment on the lowest floor of a building, which is partially below and partially above ground level. This level has its own separate entrance.
     Mr. Hickox had many business ventures during his life in Springfield. In 1851 he helped to unite local businessmen to organize a company to build a railroad from Alton, Illinois to Springfield. He conducted a mercantile business for many years from his home. In 1858 he was an active manager in the US Senate campaign of Stephen Douglas, best known for his campaign and debates with Abraham Lincoln for the Senate seat of Illinois. In the 1870 census he is listed as a railroad agent, and in 1874 he was the President of Springfield Savings Bank. Mr. Hickox lived in the house until his death in 1880. He is buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield.
     Being a private residence for over 40 years has not been this buildings only job. It housed the Sangamo Men's Club (which was an elite gentleman's club) in the 1890's. Branson Funeral Home was located there after the Sangamo Club closed, the casket room being on the lower level of the building. History claims that during the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic, the funeral home operated 24 hours a day to keep up with the deaths from the flu.
     Prohibition brought a Speakeasy and saloon, also on the lower level, which remained after the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933.
     In this building, on the main level, there has also been a music shop, a beauty parlor, and a rooming house. This was abandoned between 1965 and 1980. The building has since been renovated and in the 1980's was listed on the National Historic Register. It remains the oldest and last single family residence in downtown Springfield.
     In 1937, Norb Andy's Tabarin opened at this location. This popular bar was frequented by politicians and legislators in the Springfield area. The bar closed for 3 years, but is now open again, serving customers a variety of food as well as many different types of drink.

     Many incidents have been observed by multiple people over the years. Objects moving, shadows, voices. And is often considered one of the most haunted buildings in Springfield. Does Virgil still walked the halls?  Could there be the spirit of Alice, a small girl left behind in time? Do Douglas and Lincoln ever get together to hold yet another debate, as some have reported. These were some of the questions that we hoped to obtain answers to as we sat out to investigate The Virgil Hickox House. Come along with us now as we recount our adventure, and see what we might have found out while we were there.

Our team, Teri and Denny, at the Virgil Hickox House, with guest investigator Michelle.
The ceiling light in the library.
Chairs in the Sangamo Mens Club.
Some of the wallpaper in the Mens Club.
One of the staircases in the house, typical of homes from
that era.
Denny investigates using the Frank's box or spirit box, as it
is sometimes called.
One of the fireplaces located in the home, this one is in the
Mens club.
Michelle in the back hallway. This is where they often see shadows.
Michelle had her arm grabbed in this location.
Michelle, using a ball as a trigger object in the back hallway.
Both of these were captured in the upstairs men's area during
the session represented by the photo to the left. 
Captured in the back hallway
We often compare recorders to see if we can clarify what we
are hearing. The following clips were all captured on
different recorders in slightly different locations. Listen
and see how things change from one to the next.
Two more clips taken from different recorders
Also captured in the back hallway, where the shadow is
frequently seen and where Michelle was grabbed
We wish to thank our hosts for allowing us to investigate this
historic location, and hope to be able to return in the very
near future. We had a great time!
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