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  Villisca Axe Murder House

Villisca, Iowa
    It was a quiet, little town. Families who worked and played, went to church and prayed. And never knew how their lives would change one night in June, 1912. It is a rural community now, surrounded by corn and cattle.  But this town will never be able to forget the murders which happened that night. The night some unknown suspect killed the entire Moore family as well as the Spillinger sisters. The night that the murderer left the windows and mirrors covered, left the bacon on the table, and left the persons inside this house dead. One man did go to trial, but was not convicted of the crimes. Many pointed towards Moore's business rival. One man even confessed while in prison, but since his confession did not include the Spillinger girls, they decided he did not do it. The people worried that it was someone in their town, but was it? Did the villain leave town on the train, the bloodhounds did go towards the railroad tracks? And did that someone commit the same crime over and over, all along the railroad line? It seems that is possible.
     Similar killings happened in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Monmouth, Illinois; Ellsworth, Kansas; Paola, Kansas; and Columbia, Missouri. In all cases, a sharp object was used (usually an axe, but one time a coal pick.) Most had the bodies covered, most had a light source left on the floor, most showed that the killer washed up at the scene. And all are unsolved, except the deaths in Missouri. After that, there are no additional reports of similar deaths. Did Henry Lee Moore (not related to the Villisca Moore family) commit these crimes. He was familiar with the railroad, having worked with the railroad in 1912. Or is the circumstantial evidence just that, and not known facts? Did the murders stop because the killer was locked up in prison, or dead, or had they just run out of reasons to kill?
      So the town still wonders who actually committed this terrible crime. And this house seems to be holding onto the energy of the killer or killers. People move into this house, but they are never comfortable, and some move quickly back out. Do the energies of the killer or killers still reside inside these walls. Many teams have visited this house, and most report feelings of dread. Psychics report that the killer remains in the attic, but they never say his name. Is it possible that now, almost a hundred years after the murders occurred that early Sunday morning, that the killer still walks the floors, looking for more victims? We hoped to be able to answer some of these questions as we visited this sleepy Midwestern town. Did we find answers? Guess you will just have to stay right here to find out.
The kitchen stove, with
a drawing of the house
Teri, in front of the sign
The stairs leading up to
the sleeping quarters
All the mirrors in the house were covered
Teri in the living room
An axe, like this one, is said to have been the murder weapon
The attic, where the killer or killers
hid until darkness fell
The following were captured throughout the house.
No children were inside the house during our investigation.
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