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  Villa Kathrine
Quincy, Illinois
    One of our favorite places to investigate is the Villa Kathrine. Situated on the hill overlooking the Mississippi River, this building is rich in history and mystery. And even now, the answers still remain a mystery. Many different voices and unexplained sounds have been captured in this building, but we are no closer to knowing the answers than when we first started investigating several years ago. And we may never know, but we will always love visiting this building, and hope that, one day, Mr. Metz will give us a few more clues to the history of this place.

Teri used her camera near one of the doorways at the Villa. Note the light fixture above her head. One example of the efforts of the
Friends Of The Villa to return this majestic building to its former glory.
Jackie listens for sounds.
First floor, towards the basement stairs. This photo was taken with
a full spectrum camera, which causes the purple coloring.
Stairs coming from the basement. Team noted a distinct
drop in temperatures in this area.
Jackie and Denny investigate the second floor bedroom.
Sharon records the activity.
Teri records in the lobby area, where voices have been noted
during previous investigations.
Denny sits in the first floor Smoking Parlor. 
He was trying to entice Mr. Metz to come smoke with him.
Teri and Andy review a photo that was taken. The walls are very
reflective, and flash can show as a streak on the walls.
Trying to communicate, we hear this.
During set-up. This was not heard by the team at the time.
 One of the team needed to go home for a few minutes.
Maybe someone else was interested in this?
William Metz, father of George Metz, was born in Germany as was
his mother Anna Katherine Kientzy Metz.
George Metz was born May 20, 1848 in the United States, and died June 17, 1937 at the age of 88 years.
(Dates obtained per passport information.)

Spirit Box Recordings:

Denny was interested in trying to get interaction
in the smoking parlor. These were obtained during that time.
The above were captured in the basement, where female voices havebvpreviously been captured. 
We know that George Metz' mother was born in Germany, and 
her name was Anna Katherine.

One of our investigators had the sensation that someone was
in the lobby area, so the team moved that way.
These were captured on the recorders during that EVP session.
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