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The Kathrine Villa Event


October, 2012
     Recently, we had the opportunity and pleasure to host an event at the Villa Kathrine. The Friends of the Villa have been working long and hard to restore this building to its former glory, and is always in need of financial support. We combined our love of the paranormal with some interesting speakers to create this event, which benefited the Villa. Larry Wilson and Kae Blecha provided the guests with tales of their experiences with the paranormal, as well as some laughs along the way. We ended the night with a lights-out investigation of the Villa, with some interesting experiences including the feeling of being touched, and the smell of cigar smoke. We think this night was a big success, and had many requests to repeat, which we hope to be able to accommodate.
     We hope you will enjoy our night at the Villa, and hope that in the future we will be able to repeat this event. And maybe next time, we will get the opportunity to meet you!
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          Jackie, Teri, Larry, James, Sharon, Andy                                                                       Jackie, Teri, Donna, Larry, James, Sharon, Andy

*Thanks to Missy for the use of some of the photos on this page.

Larry talks about his experiences
in the world of the Paranormal. It was enjoyable to listen to someone who talked honestly about previous investigations and who was able to laugh at some of his own exploits.
Some of our guests present for our event.
Kae talks about her experiences during the night. She brought some insight as well as some laughter
during her presentation.
Two of our guests visit during a break.
More of our guests.
Michelle visits with Teri and Jackie during a break.
Larry is speaking about the spirit box.

Kae speaks of the Rockcliff Mansion spirits.

 Kae talks about a close call that she had when she was younger.

Larry has some words people should heed.
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