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In the basement, waiting for the German lady to say something.
Teri and James listen to Kae as she gives her presentation.
Waiting for the presentations to begin.
Our  table, set up and ready.
This was taken down in the basement. Listen to the Spirit Box talking as one of the guests tries to get more comfortable.
Ovilus and Spirit Box Responses:
Wonder which group it meant?
Think it likes this time of year?
It really likes this word
The following clips are in the basement. The first is untouched, the second
has some noise removal done to help hear the response better.
The following video was shot by one of the guests at the Villa this night, and she has given us permission to use this on our site.
The video at the left is the original version.
The camera she uses does not have
infrared lighting. Take a look just as the 
doorway is starting to show. This is very
quick. And due to the pixelation the video
looks better smaller than larger.
The video to the right is the same video, but with the area slowed down by 50%. Slowing this down any more makes it impossible to see. 
We have tried to figure this out, but for now, it remains unexplained.

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