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Villa Benefit For Victor
Dustin, Shanna, Tricia, Erin, and Brad
      Il-Mo Entity Trackers knows that helping is the right thing to do. We try to help when a family is scared to live in their homes. We try to help when a business owner doesn't know what is happening in their building, and is looking for answers. We try to help when a child is scared of the dark. And we try to help when someone in our community, our state, or our world needs a hand to get through the pressures and fears of life.
     So when a benefit auction was announced, where the donations were going towards a little man battling cancer, we were very anxious to join in the fight. And thus the Villa Benefit for Victor package was formed. The basket went up for auction, and we were pleased that the winners of the investigation at the Villa Kathrine were Shanna, Tricia, Erin, Dustin, and Brad. But, in a way, Il-Mo Entity Trackers was also a winner, as we were able to support Victor in his battle for life. And this makes us very proud of our team, and of our community. But who is this young man? Let us introduce you to Victor.
     Victor was a baby that was greatly wanted by his parents. After a lot of trying, and tears, he was born and is listed as "the definition of a victory." On Christmas, 2013, his grandma noticed a mass on his abdomen. He was taken to the hospital, and testing was completed. And the family received the news they didn't want to hear. He was diagnosed with stage 3 hepatoblastoma. (For more information on hepatoblastoma, click this link:   St Jude's Research .)
     So now Victor and his family are doing medical care to help save his life. But insurance only covers so much. So help is needed. You can follow his journey on  Facebook. There is an address listed under the about section where you can send donations to help out this young man and his family.
     And while the family strives for a cure, Victor continues to be a growing boy, doing all the things that growing boys do. And he gives and gets hugs and kisses from all. Because of the "victory" that his birth was, the symbol for his trek to wellness is the victory symbol. Because in the end, that is what everyone hopes to achieve, victory for Victor. It is to Victor that this investigation is dedicated, to the future which we know looks brighter with each passing day. 
          If you would like to further help Victor and his family, please contact the address listed on Facebook. All donations are welcome. Lets join together to help this family, and to make many more birthdays possible for Victor.  Rock On Victor!
Front Row: Dustin, Shanna, Tricia, Erin, Brad, and team member Teri.
Back Row: team member David
Stopping for a few pictures during the investigaton.
Brad uses the divining rods during the investigation.
Brad, Tricia, Erin, and Shanna sit during an EVP session.
Tricia, Shanna, Dustin and Erin look over the bannister, while Brad looks in Mr. Metz's bedroom. At one point during the investigation, the team noted a shadow figure, so gathered here to try to figure out what it was. They were not able to discover the source.
Lantern above the fountain. The shine is from the sun, coming through the window. 
Tricia uses the divining rods during the investigation.
David shoots video during the investigation.
Stairway to the basement, where the German woman has been heard. During the night, the bathroom door was noted to be open several times, when the team had closed it.
Teri sets up the grid light, while Brad watches for shadows.
Some of the furniture in the entryway of the Villa.
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