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Villa Kathrine
Quincy, Illinois
Front row: Donna, Amy, and Nicki  Second row: Eric, Jamie, Shane
Back row: Dave
     One of our favorite locations to investigate is the Villa Kathrine. We are always anxious to speak of her, and tell others of her amazing history. Over the last several months, we had talked to and shared stories with our friends Dave and Jamie, from After Dark Paranormal. And we thought, what fun to have them along for an  investigation! We asked, they accepted, and this investigation was born.
     After arriving, Donna met with us, and shared some stories of the place that she holds so dear. She has a special relationship with George and the Villa, and always welcomes visitors, and is always willing to share her knowledge of this building with all. Afterwards, we set up equipment, and the investigation was on.
     The night proved to be so very interesting. Dave used a new piece of equipment to us, an echovox, and  we noted that it only spoke what sounded like German. One session was recorded on video, and we hope some day to have someone translate the video for us.
     The Villa never lets us down, and it didn't this night as well. Voices were heard, footsteps, the sound of a dress swishing, and the sound of a dog barking were part of what was noted this night. Did we capture any of this on audio? Please stay with us and find out.
     We want to thank our friends from After Dark Paranormal for traveling to Quincy to be with us this night, and to Donna for allowing us to visit, and investigate this location, which continues to draw us back.
 Nicki, Donna, and Dave in the fountain area
Blueprints and photo of the Villa Kathrine
Donna, Nicki, Shane, and Dave in George's room
 Looking down towards the fountain
Dave, using his echovox
Donna, Jamie, Nicki, and Dave during an echovox session
 2 investigators were sitting with their feet in the fountain,
their backs towards the stairs when this was captured.
Captured in the Men's Parlor.
Upstairs, in George's bedroom.
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