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Victor Benefit
Front Row: Dustin, Shanna, Tricia, Erin, Brad
Back Row: IL-MO team members David and Randy
     During the investigation, the team had several different experiences. Unfortunately none of these were captured on video. But we will note them here.
     -everyone on the team saw shadow activity in the same location, and attempts to reproduce it was unsuccessful
     -each team member had the sensation of a cold spot, which seemed to move from person to person. One person actually had "goose bumps" and several made comments that they had the feeling that someone was standing behind them. No drafts could be found, and the heat was not on in the building.
     -the bathroom door in the basement was found ajar several times, even after the team made sure to have the door closed.
Donna gives a talk about the history of Villa Kathrine.
David hooks up a camera to his laptop.
Tricia, Randy, and Brad investigate down near the fountain.
The view looking up from the fountain area.
Dustin uses the dowsing rods in the fountain area.
Erin tries her hand at using the dowsing rods.
Audio Clips:
This was recorded while the team was
taking a break.  West bedroom.
Audio Clips:
The team was in the basement when this was
captured in the west bedroom. Listen closely to hear.
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