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Vahle House


     This beautiful home was built in the early 1900's and was once known as the AC Bickhaus home. There have been multiple tenants over the last 100 years that have called this residence home. Singles, famillies, and the party people in the 1970-1980's have all lived under her roof, and the house has stood through it all. And this was the place that Tom and Cindy Vahle saw a few years ago, and decided to call it home.
     The couple started the remodel process, and with hard work, sweat, and I am sure a few tears, they converted this house to the beautiful home that it is today. In the summer of 2012, this home was featured in the Quincy Herald Whig in the Good Looking Home Contest. Not winning the grand prize does not diminish the pride they feel in their accomplishments, nor the love they feel for their home.

      The remodel process did cause some very interesting and unexplained occurences. Voices and noises not by the homeowners. Does the house have some secrets? Possibly things that go bump in the night? In doing research, the Vahle's have found that past residents have moved out because of the sounds of footsteps upstairs, and the sounds of moving furniture when no one else was home. Voices being heard all over the house have been reported. The current homeowners were woken in the middle of the night by the sound of a woman screaming at the top of the stairs.
      Do the past residents have something to say? Come and join us as we document this investigation and some of the interesting events of that night.                       

The Ovilus had some interesting things to say this night. Here are a few:

Were the spirits here trying to tell us something?
The Ovilus was very active in the basement, saying the words Rot, Decompose, Soil, Earth, and Dead. Is this an indication of a body buried here? We don't know, but it makes an interesting story.
Stairway headed up. Craftsmanship is impressive. 

Video Files:
A name which had no meaning to the owners. Other names heard that night included Tilde and Betty. Were these the names of previous tenants? We will probably never know this answer.

And imagine our surprise when we heard this again in the below clip.

Oremus is an invitation to pray, said before short prayers in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran services. Was someone asking for help? We might never know the answer to this question.

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