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Folklore Tales
Stories which became Urban Legends
     Folklore, by definition, is a legend or tale which is part of the traditions of a culture, and which is often passed down from generation to generation. Often these tales were started to teach a lesson, such as with the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Now those children should have known better than to go wandering around in the forest all alone! Some tales have been passed down in written form, but many have been passed down from generation to generation as stories. And often people are not aware that the tale is actually folklore.
     Modern tales have come to be known as an urban legend.  These stories are often repeated as being true, while no documentation of such events have ever been found. Sometimes these legends change just a bit, depending on the part of the country one is located, but the basis of the story remains the same. And no part of the country is immune to their own urban legends.
     It is to these tales that this section is dedicated. We will be featuring locations in our area, including photos where possible.We will also highlight those tales from our childhood, which might have scared us back when we were young, but maybe still does today. Fact or fiction, we hope that you will enjoy taking this trip down the folklore trail, and we hope that you don't get too scared in the process. Happy hauntings!
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