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The History Of Our Team!
     The history of each individual member goes back several years. Each person started out on a different team, but due to various reasons, they drifted away from that group. Some went on to join other teams, some just continued on their own. But now they have joined to form Il-Mo Entity Trackers, which highlights the best that each person has to offer.
     The past years have not been for naught. With each foray into a different environment, the member did learn and take away something that helped to improve them as a paranormal investigator. Sometimes the improvement has been in investigative techniques. Sometimes the improvement has been in the technical part including equipment and computer software. Sometimes the improvement has been in doing research into the history of the property. Sometimes the improvement has been in interpersonal skills, necessary when talking to the clients during the interview as well as during the reveal. Each member has pushed themselves to learn from each situation and to take all the good, while eliminating that which doesn't work.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers exemplifies the very best that we can find. Researchers who know how to find the most history of the area. Case managers that work tirelessly to contact potential clients and to do follow-ups with past clients. Investigators who know how to position equipment for the best possible coverage of the area. Web designers who work constantly to create a website that highlights not only the team but the cases we investigate. Team members who believe in doing what is best for the team, that are willing to promote the team, and to present as a professional team to the potential clients.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers is not new to the field of paranormal investigations. Combined, the team has more than 20 years of experience in conducting investigations. From local homes to historical locations, our team members have explored many locations and listened to thousands of hours of audio, filtered through thousands of photos, and viewed thousands of hours of video. All of this to present to our clients the best possible evidence that we have. Because it is about doing the best we can for our clients.
     Our team doesn't just "hunt ghosts." Our team members have also been involved in community activities, including raising money for local charities and causes. We believe in giving back to the community as much as possible.  And in the coming years, you will see more involvement in this area of need. From fundraising events to promoting upcoming authors, I-MET will be there to assist those that need our help and support.
     Our team is a combination of the best of our history. But the past is now behind us, and the best is yet to be. Stay tuned for all the events headed our way, and hang on is going to be a wild ride!
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