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Susan Komen Benefit Investigation

Prairie View

     When someone gives to a worthy cause, it deserves recognition. Such was the reason for this investigation. We met a woman who had made a very generous donation to the Susan Komen foundation, which works to find a cure for the deadly killer, breast cancer. When we heard of her doing this, we wanted to thank her in a way we know best, with an investigation. So we asked her to join us for a lights-out investigation at one of our favorite locations, Prairie View. It was a dark and stormy night, yeah, really it was. And rainy too. So that did affect many of our recorders. But everyone had a great time, and the money went to a very worthy cause. Please join us now as we host this investigation as a way to say thanks to someone who thought of others in this very hard economic times.
And this is what rain looks like when you take a picture. Kinda cool, don't you think?

Our guest investigators for the evening.
Jackie and Andy wait with our guest investigators.
Two of our guest investigators wait for a response.
The furnace room. This room was contained behind a automatic closing door in the event of a fire.
Denny sits on one of the beds that still remains in the building.
Jackie and Teri investigate with our guest investigators in the butterfly room, named because of the painting of the butterfly on the wall.
One of the hallways. You an see the sprinkler system in the ceiling.
It was a dark and stormy night, and kinda cold as well. Glad our guest investigator came dressed to play.


We want to thank the children for coming out to visit with us
this night. We always enjoy having their voices show up
on the recorders. And we hope to see, or hear, them again
really soon.

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