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Granite Bank Gallery
Quincy, Illinois
     There are a lot of different aspects that our team enjoys with searching for evidence of the paranormal. We enjoy the history of the buildings and land. We enjoy meeting new people as we are out and about. We enjoy helping others who have questions about either their own experiences or the paranormal in general. And when we can combine all of these, it makes it even better.
     Recently, Il-Mo Entity Trackers had the opportunity to host an event at the Granite Bank Gallery. We hosted a similar event last year, and not only had some interesting results, we also made several new friends and introduced others to what we so enjoy doing. After sharing our results with the manager, he was very interested in our team returning to the building, and to share our experiences with others. So we headed out to this location, set up, and started our night. To review our previous investigation at this location, and our evidence collected, please click this link:   Granite Bank Gallery 
     Several persons were present with which we had not previously made an acquaintance. And we were pleased to see several others that we did know, and had previously investigated with. After an introduction of the team by Teri, Sharon did a presentation about past evidence in general, as well as the evidence collected last year. Questions were asked and answered. After a small break, the teams divided up and the investigation began. Actually, during the presentation, Teri and Jolene from River City Paranormal did hear a small child's voice in the room, but unfortunately no recorders captured this.
     All sections of the building were explored, including several that we did not have the opportunity to visit last time. Were we successful? Check out our following section and see. But whether the spirits came out to play or not, we had a great time hosting this event. And we look forward to returning again to this most historic location.
Sharon presenting evidence to the group, before the
start of the investigation.
Jolene, from River City Paranormal leads an EVP session
in the bridal area on the 3rd floor.
One of our guests checks out the vault area.
Staircase leading to the very top apartment.
Bank lock boxes. The area is now a break room
or can be rented out for meetings. 
Area where the young girl's voice was heard.
Voice was also noted last year in same area.
Several of the guests view an area inside the building.
The room they are viewing is short, and no noted access.
One team heads off to investigate.
Paintings line each side of the hall.
One of the many iron gates that are still present inside the
building. We are hoping to one day catch the sound of
the gates being closed.
Our team that night, joined by Jolene.
We don't have a lot of clips on our website using the K-2 Meter flashes. Mostly because we just don't have consistent enough results to want to put them on our website. There has previously only been a few locations where we had what we considered responses. We are not sure why it can be so hit and miss, but that is just the way it seems to go. This night we had mixed results. One location in the building, we had a lot of K-2 light flashes, but they didn't seem to stay with questions, often flashing when nothing was being asked. But in another part of the building, we had different results. Here are the 2 best. In this location, the flashes did not occur unless something was being asked. And passing the K-2 meter around before starting the session yielded no spikes. So we will post these here and let you make up your own mind. They are slightly blurry,  because the camera had a hard time zeroing in on the meter. The only alteration we have done is to lighten them a bit, so it is easier to see. We hope you enjoy these, and let us know what you think.
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