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Someplace Inn Time
Palmyra, Missouri
    Elmwood Home was built in the 1850's by John Garner. He had purchased the land in 1853 and lived with his family in this house until 1867. The house contained 12 rooms, had 2 additional rooms attached on the back, a summer kitchen, a barn, and an outside slaves quarters. Through the years, acres have been sold off, families have moved out, and the house sat vacant, used for storage.
      Joseph and Janice Dryer wanted to find a place to move to, one that would afford them a slower lifestyle, where they could sit and relax and enjoy the seasons. The found this empty building and developed a dream, to have a Civil War Bed and Breakfast. And they moved to Missouri to start making their dream come true. Little did they realize what else came with the house besides the history. Mystery and ghosts.
     Janice and Joseph have discovered many interesting facts about their home. The teal paint on one of the walls was said to be very expensive for its time, and was only used by the wealthy. Floorboards move and seem to hold secret storage places. The attic has strange hiding areas as well. Could they have been hiding places of runaway slaves? Rumor has said that the building might have been a part of the Underground Railroad. There have been deaths noted at the property. Could these souls remain today?
     The figure of a soldier, a blond-headed girl being seen inside and out, someone saying Hello when no one was around, the footprints of a little child in the snow by the well. Bedclothes folded down as if ready for sleep, doors slamming and glasses clinking. All of this has been noted by the owners. Are they happy with the new residents? Do they approve of their plans for the building? Will the activity become more pronounced as the work progresses? The answers to these questions will be found Someplace Inn Time.
The back rooms (to each side) are not directly accessible
from the inside, and are thought to be slaves quarters for the help
that tended the inside of the home.
The outside slaves quarters. There are two rooms inside, as well
as a large attic. A fireplace is still visible in one of the rooms.
Teri in the living room. Sounds of glasses clinking together
have been noted in this room.
The summer kitchen, no longer used.
These were captured in the Men's parlor.
The team was coming back downstairs when this was captured
Teri and Sharon are talking, another sound noted
These were captured on an upstairs recorder, end of the night.
No men were here when this was captured.
Teri and Sharon, along with two guest investigators were in the slaves
quarters attached to the house. Listen to what the Ovilus has to say.
This was filmed in the outside slaves quarters, under full spectrum
light. Look for something in the roof line.
Teri with our guest investigators, in the attached slaves quarters.
Teri is holding the Ovilus in her hand.
Cut from the above film and rotated 90 degrees for better viewing.
The homeowners believe this to be "Jesse" and are trying to find out
more information about him.
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