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Social Media
     You can't deny it these days. It is all around us. From Facebook to Twitter, just about everyone is connected in some fashion through the use of social media. And it can be very useful. From finding lost friends to finding lost family members, social media is a part of our lives and will be for a long time to come. So the best way to gain from it is to use it! And that is what we do. Il-Mo Entity Trackers sharing ideas and questions with others that have the passion that we do. It is the only way the field can expand and be considered anything other than a passing fancy.
     We have our links to our Facebook pages, as well as our Twitter and Pinterest on our home page. But these links are for forums and groups that we belong to. Please join us on these sites and get to know us, and other teams a little bit better.



  National Paranormal Society    Organization designed to bring together the best the paranormal        
                                                          community has to offer.
   Ghost Society   For research, evidence, and discussions surrounding ghosts.      
     Haunted Society   Paranormal Research and Awareness Community
  APER Paranormal Family   Facebook gathering for team members. Request membership and                                                                                 acceptance required.


   Missouri Office Of Paranormal Investigations   Dedicated to finding truth and facts in paranormal investigating.

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