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Smith-Barr Manor
Louisiana, Missouri
     No place causes us to want to investigate quite like an old hospital. Many sit empty in the area, and they all have us wondering if the patients still remain, waiting for the doctor to make rounds, or for the nurses to come and give them their medicine. Could the souls of those that died inside those walls remain, wondering what happened, or maybe even afraid to leave due to fear of what happens next?
     One such location which has interested us for several years is Smith-Barr Manor. Built in 1928, and serving as Pike Pike County HospitalCounty's hospital for many years, this building was converted into a nursing home in the 1970's and remained open until 2005. The doors have remained closed since that time, but have the residents left? 
     We have been hearing stories for the last several years of unusual activity associated with this location. So we were very pleased to be invited by our friend Chris Koetters to join him and several others for a night-time investigation of this location.
     As we toured the building, it was strange indeed to see personal items of the residents that were left behind. One of our fellow investigators was a nurse, who had worked there when it was open, and she took us for a walking tour of the building. The kitchen and offices of the first floor, the labor and delivery area on the second floor, the general patient care area on the third floor, and the surgery and recovery which made up the fourth floor. She related stories to us about many things. How the coroner would bring a hearse to the scene of an accident and transport you to the hospital. Ambulances and EMS didn't exist in the 1950's and 1960's.
     Looking around, we could see many aspects of the hospital that remained intact. The tiles on the walls and floors were perfect. The slot to place x-ray films was still in the wall. Even a bathtub and toilet remain intact. Time, and vandals, have not yet destroyed what is such a part of our history.
     We had a great time this night. And everyone seems to have an experience. A man walking across the hall, and later a man standing in the doorway. The sound of a man's voice, the noise of a locker closing, and such an unsettling area around the bathroom that one investigator could not bring herself to enter, a very rare occurrence. Shadow persons crossing the hall, as if they were still at work checking on patients. 
     We want to thank Chris for allowing our team to join him on this night. And we hope that we may someday return, to try to reconnect with the spirits that seem to still reside at this location. Come join us now as we recount our night at this amazing old building.

The old emergency room entrance
     Bathroom, where one investigator would not venture into
Beauty shop, from the nursing home days
Main Entrance
Nicki and Shane investigate the surgical area
Chris with members of his team investigate
Original work on the outside of the building
The back of the building, well maintained
The tile and plumbing remains intact
X-rays were taken and placed here, where the person
on the other side would take our and develop the film

The following were captured
on the second floor

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