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Small Midwest Town

     They can be found scattered all across the country. The building first built in the middle of the century. If the walls could talk, what a tale these houses would tell. Many of them have had rooms added and taken away. Renovations have added walls, and than some remove them. They have been homes, businesses, hotels, offices, and the keeper of great secrets down through the ages. They have been places of comfort and pain. They have made the residents feel safe, and sometimes alone. And through it all, they have withstood the test of time and nature. Be it brick, stone, or wood, these buildings stand as a testament to the time long ago. Where children played outside and helped with the chores. Where a barn raising helped neighbors get started, or to recover from a loss. Where people dug into the soil to prepare for a long winter, and where heads bowed before a meal to say a prayer of thanks.  It was to such a place that members of Il-MO Entity Trackers went one weekend in August, for what was our first two-day investigation of a building.
     The current owners have granted us permission to put our investigation on this page, but have asked that we not include any information regarding the location of the building, or a picture of the outside of the place. Our client's wishes are always followed, so you will find evidence we collected that weekend, but no photos of the outside of the building. But we can tell you some of the history of this particular place.
     Built in the mid-1800's, this building has been a school, a doctor's office, a hotel, a boarding house in the 1940's, and a home to numerous families down through the years. The current owner purchased the property in 2000, with a tremendous task of restoring this building, attempting to return to it the charm found in so many older homes. Major repairs were needed, including replacing a major beam between the floors, and pushing the second story back to its original location, (the second floor had sagged 10" with the removal of the beam.) Attempting to use materials similar to the time period has been expensive and sometimes hard to find, but has added such character to this wonderful building, now used as a business for the current owner. 
     Activity started almost from the beginning. A jack, securely placed under the beam being replaced in the ceiling, kicked out and struck a worker, pushing him forward into a wall. The building was home to the owner's daughter and granddaughter for a while. One night, the trash can lid in the kitchen was noted to be moving, even though it had not touched. Doors would open and close, apparitions were seen in the rooms as well as on the stairs. A candle was noted to be out of its holder almost every morning. The feeling of being watched, and having someone stand over them at night. No one has ever been hurt, but the events have been very unnerving. And the client was hoping for some answers and validation to these events. We packed up our equipment, made the long drive to this town, set up through the rooms, and started our investigation. We never imagined what we would find! Come join us now as we visit this location, full of history and charm and mystery. And be prepared for some surprising evidence! We know we were.
An apparition has been seen on these stairs by guests.
Clothes have been found to be folded in the morning if left overnight. This is close to where the trash can moved by itself.
Teri investigates one of the rooms where the occupants had the feeling of someone standing over them during the night.
Sharon investigates during the night.
Upstairs in one of the bedrooms. The K2 meter had been on the bed for a while with no activity, when this happened.
Same bedroom, after the clip to the left. 
Upstairs in a bedroom. The Ovilus can have a funny sense of humor at times.
These were captured in an upstairs bedroom. No one was upstairs at the time.
A sound, only heard by Sharon, but captured on the recorder.
These were captured in the kitchen. The first two, early in the investigation. The last one was as team members were headed upstairs.
This was in the kitchen. The team was using the Ovilus, and this was captured. The only alterations done were to cut out some of the spaces between the words spoken. No words spoken by the Ovilus were omitted.
There were some Civil War Battles fought in the surrounding area.
Captured in the kitchen. All team members were asleep at this time.
In an upstairs bedroom, with the door shut. No team members in that room.
In the kitchen, all team members asleep at this time.
This jacket was found in a box, stored away for we don't know how long. Some of the patches represent actual military units. We have not been able to determine if a previous resident wore this jacket or not.


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