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For some reason, one of our investigators was drawn to this chair.
The following clips were captured in this chair. We ran the K2 meter
around this chair several times with absolutely no response.

Teri had gotten the image of a soldier and a doctor. Check out the following videos.





Teri uses the video camera to capture activity. This camera has an infrared light setting, enabling us to see in the dark.


Upstairs in a bedroom, door closed. Team outside.

In the kitchen, towards the end of the investigation. You can hear Sharon in the background.

              A different bedroom upstairs. Towards the end of the investigation. No team members upstairs at this time.           

         The Ovilus decided to get into the conversation. Maybe due to the chair?

Hmmm, wonder if we were sitting on someone?

Most of our activity happened the first night. We are not sure why, but may be due to reasons which we will never know. We hope to someday be able to revisit this location, and will be looking forward to trying this chair again. Maybe next time we will get more definitive answers to our questions.
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