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Residence, Revisited
Quincy, Illinois
    After an investigation, we always let the client know that we are available if they need to talk to us, or if they feel the activity has increased (or not decreased) and would like a return investigation. Our clients are very important to us, so when they call us and would like for us to return, we set the date and go back in for an additional investigation. We all know that some investigations are quiet while others are very active, and sometimes it seems that the more you visit a location, the better the responses may be. So when the resident at the Private Investigation called us and wanted us to return, we knew that the client was still not comfortable and needed more assistance. So we gathered our equipment and headed out once again to this location.
     Since we had been there, the home had been blessed by a priest. But the owners were still having problems with the younger children seeing "people." We did decide to alter our arrival slightly, to see if a later start time would impact the activity. At one time, we sat down with the owner and answered this person's questions, to see if we could make them feel more comfortable in the home. Sometimes discussions help a person work their way through a problem, and we hoped that we would be able to help, even if it was in a small way.
     On this night, we welcomed two of our newest team members, Randy and David. This smaller location was a perfect setting to introduce these guys to how we work as a team, and to start merging styles into a form that will work for all.
     We didn't have a lot of activity this night, so hope this means that things have settled down. But please join us now as we retrace our steps, and work to see what is residing in this home besides the living.
     Several of the photos posted below have had personal items, such as photographs, removed. We respect our client, who did not wish for these type of items to be visible. Removal of these items are the only changes that have been done.
For information regarding the initial investigation, please click here:   Private Residence-Quincy 
Randy works with the dowsing rods, and has them spin towards him.
And that is a baby doll in
the chair, one of the props
used during the night.
Randy in one of the bedrooms, attempting to get a sense of anything that might be there.
Picture of the grid lights.
Nothing paranormal, just a pretty picture. 
All of these clips were captured in the living room.
Spirit Box Clips


David, during an EVP
This clip was during an EVP session, also in the
living room. In this session, Randy is speaking.
We are pleased that the reported activity has reduced since our last visit. We hope that things continue to remain easier for this family, but we will be available, in case things become more active once again.
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