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Investigation: Residence
Quincy, Illinois
     Of all the locations Il-Mo Entity Trackers have investigated in the past, the ones that we enjoy the most are the private residences. People who, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable living in their own homes. And no one should ever be afraid to live in the one place that they should always feel safe.
     Such a location was where Il-Mo headed one day in early 2013. A young lady had recently moved into this home, and had experienced seeing shadows, having doors open and close for no reason, seeing glowing red eyes in the basement, and receiving enough of a bad feeling that she would not go upstairs. She would have the TV turn itself on and off by itself. And one day she saw a black shadow behind her boyfriend's head. Was it something paranormal? Was it attached to the house? The house, built in the late 1800's, rested on a rock foundation, and contained a basement with a dug out area and a hallway that goes nowhere. Could this house be part of the underground railroad, once very prevalent in Quincy? Does the closeness to the Mississippi River help to draw the spirits back to this location? We didn't know, but hoped to be able to find the answers to these questions, and to once again help this young lady become comfortable in her home.
    Per the request of the client, no photos of the outside of the house will be presented. While the team was setting up for the investigation, the client spoke about a light going on and off, and this light did, in fact, turn itself off. We, unfortunately, did not have a camera pointing towards the light at this time.  We also were pleased to welcome two guest investigators for the night. Brett is a seasoned investigator while John is a self-stated skeptic. Were we able to change the way that John thinks? Follow us now and review our evidence, and let us know what you think!
This is the very end of the basement, where this small hallway leads to this brick wall. Possibly an outside door which has been closed? Or possibly a coal chute which is no longer necessary? We don't know, but know that the home owner is very uncomfortable in this area.
This is the tunnel, between the two rooms. A person has to duck to walk through this area, which is really just a dug out space.
Teri, discusses some of the reports of activity in this house.
Brett and John, during the investigation. Even though this photo is bright, this was taken during the lights out session. We think maybe John became more of a believer after hearing our stories.
Homeowner, in the basement. She is using the Ovilus, which was very talkative later in the investigation.This is the location where this home owner saw red, glowing eyes and where she doesn't like to go.
The homeowner's friend, who went into the basement with the homeowner. She had the sensation of something being in the basement while down there earlier, but at this time, was not able to sense anything abnormal being present.
The homeowner and her friend, upstairs in the room that she seldom enters. The light is from a candle that was lit on the floor. Some interesting things were collected during this session. See below for those recordings.
The door leading to the unfinished attic. John and Brett experienced an 11 degree temperature drop in this location. No drafts could be felt when standing by the door.
Even though we had multiple digital voice recorders scattered through-out the basement, these were the only recordings we could not explain and are now presenting to you to listen to.
John and Brett, in the basement. Brett is asking if someone wants to talk to them. This one is best heard through headphones.
Both of these were captured on the recorder on the coffee table,
in the living room. As you can hear, both the homeowner and her
friend heard these when they happened.
The homeowner will often burn sage to try to cleanse the house.
We were asking how the spirits liked the sage being burned.
The team had been talking about stones, and their meanings. This came up on the Ovilus during that conversation.
The two members of the team were in the bedroom asking questions. This name came up on the ovilus, a name we would later learn was a name that did, in fact, mean something to the homeowner. 
Sometimes the Ovilus will spit out a few words we can understand. Seldom does it rattle on like it did this night. During several EVP sessions, we were able to find the following, all of which had meaning to either the conversation or to the homeowner.
The following were all captured upstairs in the bedroom that the homeowner does not like to enter.
I-MET Investigator Teri asks if there is a female spirit
present. This was the response.
The homeowner asks who is in the room, this is the response.
The following clips are all tied together,
and work with the video clips below
We had trouble working out how these words were tied together.
Imagine our surprise when we heard the tale from the 
homeowner. She had been involved in an accident as a
young child, getting her leg cut on the blade of an auger.
And her Grandmother had created a memory book for her.
Check out the video clips below
The following videos were taken in the upstairs bedroom, and will connect with some of the audio clips on above.
Part 1: edited only to remove dead air time
Check out the video to the left before watching this one. And watch the reaction of the homeowner when she arrives at the page.
Part 2: The discovery of the page content.


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