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Remembering Ilasco
     We know that finding out the history of a location makes for a better investigation. Finding out who lived there, any deaths in the area, when buildings were torn down, and  what the area was used for gives us insight to what may still reside in the location. We use many forms of research to find out this information. We search the internet for articles, we read books, we go to the newspaper office, we frequent the court house, and we spend hours in the library looking for the information. We make our notes, compare the information, and formulate a plan for the investigation. We know where we want to sit our equipment, what questions to ask, and what names to mention during the EVP sessions. This is a tried and true method of gathering information. But once in a while, we find an even better way to research an area. That is someone who has been there, lived there, walked there, and knows what is often not in the newspaper articles.
     Nancy has been a friend for many years, as well as having been a paranormal investigator. When she mentioned Ilasco to our team, she also told us much of the history of the town, through her remembrances of a time spent with her grandmother in this town. What a fantastic way to learn the history of an area! She spoke of the time her Grandmother testified at a murder trial. Of walking around this town, and than back to Nana's house. Of all the enjoyable days spent in this quiet, rural town. So we would like to honor a town which once was, through the photos of one family. Thanks for allowing us to walk back through your memories, and sharing with us mementos of another time.
All the photos posted here belong to Nancy, and represent her Grandparents lives in Ilasco. All photos were taken in the town, or while living in Ilasco. We appreciate her allowing us to highlight her family in this very special way.
Salvatore Giuseppe Merenda married Santa Cambrea in 1909 in Palmi, Italy. They traveled by the ship The Regina de Italia, to arrive in Ilasco, Missouri.
Giuseppe and Santa, along with children Mike, Vincent, Victoria, Teresa, and Josephine. Vincent (in the striped outfit) died at age 4, shortly after this photo was taken. Giuseppe died in 1928, leaving Santa with 8 children to raise.
Giuseppi and Santa, along with Santa's brother Rocco. Rocco returned to Italy. Santa became known as Nana, which is Italian for Grandma.
Nana married Theodore Poletta and continued to live in Ilasco.
Theodore standing outside. The fence marks the distance to the
road, which was gravel and ran right in front of the house.
Theodore made wine each year, and the children would get to
have a shot glass of wine along with the adults. Salute!
Nana, surrounded by her living children. Vincent died at age 4, and
another daughter lived only a few hours. Mary is Nancy's mother.
Theodore holding Mike, a cousin to Nancy, than Felice (who
was a bachelor who lived across the road) Eddy, Nana,
and Victoria at Nana's 58th birthday in 1950.
Angelo and Josephine Ierace, cousins to Nancy. Angelo has
passed on.
Nancy and her brother Gary. They always enjoyed going to Nana's
house in Ilasco.
The home of Theodore and Nana in Ilasco.
Nana, with 3 of the grandchildren.
Theodore and Nana, surrounded by their grandchildren
and great-grandchildren in 1957.
Nana, on the day she moved out of Ilasco, March 1966. Her daughters, Consetta and Victoria and her son Mike surround her.
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