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The R Theater
Auburn, Illinois
     We always love to return to the scene of previous investigations. We have often wondered, if we return enough, will the spirits that reside there get to know us and interact more with us? In December of this year, we were able to return to the R Theater for a fun investigation that Robbin Terry had planned. The Boo Hunters (Cal, Karen, and Shaun) were the guest group to navigate around the building.  The evening began with a tour of the building along with the history of the place. Later we broke up into 3 groups and held our own investigation in each spot. Our first stop was the garage where there is claims of JWG,  who seems to stay up on the walk way in the front of the garage. That way he can watch everyone below.

     While we were in the garage with Cal, we could hear movement up on that walkway and shadow movement in the left corner. Also Cal had a rem pod set up in the back corner that "something " kept tripping the alarm and that would have been the spot close to where Reid died in the garden. We also all heard someone wiggle the door handle on the green door, as we were standing out in the middle of the room doing a EVP session.
     We made our way to the green room, and up to the living room where the cabinet that was owned by the lawyer to JWG is located. The cabinet is said to have locked itself in transport and will not open now..Is that for the best??
     We had a great dowsing rod session with Karen in the theater, and while Teri, Shane and Nicki were all on stage, Karen saw a shadow move from Nicki to Shane. There seems to be a lot of shadow movement in that area.
     As we made our way to the basement with Shaun, we were all stationed around the outside of the room and something moved and ran into a metal chair causing it to move a couple of inches. Who could have been moving around?
     We wrapped up the evening moving around the building where we felt drawn to the most. A very good night of investigating was enjoyed by all. And our team looks forward to returning in 2015. 

If you have not seen the Strange Curiosity Documentary filmed in the R Theater, stop by and check it out! Strange Curiosity is hosted by Brad Klinge!    The Haunted R Theater 

Terry gives some history of the building.
 The ceiling of the green room..very cool indeed.
Shane investigates the green room.
Some of the old film reels.
The tile in the entry way of the theater.
Robbin talks to the group.
The cabinet which locked itself during transport.
The original popcorn machine.
Nicki and Shane investigate in the basement.
In the basement
In the basement
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