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Prairie View Rest Home
Lewistown, Missouri
     The Civil War Era was a hard one for the country, but especially for the states directly involved in the fighting, of which Missouri was one. Many families had trouble recovering from the hard times, with the loss of family, land, and financial means. Many were led to a life of poverty and were not able to care for themselves and their families. Add to that those who were not mentally able to care for themselves, and you had a large population with no means of support.
     In 1889, the state of Missouri addressed the care of the poor, stating that the poor "shall be relieved, maintained, and supported by the county of which they are inhabitants. But in this case, the state was a step behind Lewis County. In 1873, Lewis County acquired land to be used as a poor farm. In 1927 the above structure was opened, with William Underbrink as the superintendent. The facility housed the county's poor for many years, being basically self sufficent. It became a nursing home around 1949, licensed as a nursing home in 1959, and operated until 1991, when the remaining residents were moved to the new Country Aire Retirement Estates. Or did they?
     This concrete structure has had more than its share of multiple reports of paranormal activity. Voices with no one around, the sound of music playing on recorders, shadow people being seen. Could the past residents still be residing in the building, long ago shut down? Are the children, whose voices are found during playback, be from the poor who once call this place home? Do the ones who now rest in the cemetery behind the building return to walk these floors once again? And if they do, are they seeing the destruction that time and vandals have done, or do they see it as the innovative structure that it used to be? These questions and more we hoped to answer when we made our first team visit to this majestic structure, standing alone in a field. This would be our first, but not our last visit to the spirits remain at once was the Lewis County Poor Farm.
For more information regarding the history of Prairie View, please click the following link.  Prairie View History 
The corner stone for the Lewis County Home was laid during a ceremony that was attended by 2000 persons, on July 4, 1927.
West side of the building. The south porches served as a way for the residents of the building to enjoy some time after a busy day.
This barn was constructed after a donation was left to the county, to be used to care for the poor. The building, constructed for $4000, was solidly built. Inside the barn, the names of the contractors were listed and are still visible today.
The north side of the building. These porches also allowed the residents to sit our and enjoy a cool night's breeze.
The following were recorded in the blue room on the first floor.
The following were recorded in the kitchen.
This last clip was heard by every team member present
in the kitchen that night.
The following were recorded in the pink room on the second floor.
The above sounds were captured when no one was on that floor. We have tried to duplicate these sounds, unsuccessfully.
The following were captured in a different pink room, second floor.
The last clip, possibly in response to our question?
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