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Prairie View Rest Home
Lewistown, Missouri
     It long has been one of our favorite places to investigate. And the more we learn of this building, and the spirits which still reside inside, the more drawn to it we are.  This visit was no exception. We looked to explore the old Lewis County Poor Farm, and to try to make contact with the spirits that we seem to encounter there with each visit. Time and vandals have continued to cause destruction in this mighty building, and we do not know how much longer she will be open to investigations. And when the time comes where we must say good-bye, it will be with a heavy heart. But for now, we are honored to have another chance to try to touch those that reside here, and open our thoughts to allow them to reach out and touch us from the other side. Please join us now as we recap our time spent in this location.
For further reading regarding the history of the Lewis County Poor Farm, please click here:   Prairie View History 

The skylight in the stairway leading to the second floor.
Long hall on the second floor. Shadow people, as well as the sounds of footsteps have been noted in this area. 
In the basement, laundry room.
The laundry chute, on the second floor, which went to the laundry room in the basement.
Camera set up at the top of the stairs in the butterfly room. Voices of a small child have been captured in this area.
William E. Underbrink, superintendent for many years at the Lewis County Poor Farm.
A bed remains, ready for a patient to use.
This sign, taken inside the barn, shows that the barn was built by A. E. Graves, and that W. E. Underbrink was the superintendent. Helpers were H. Benner, E. P. Burnett,C. V. and William Day, and M. and G. Sweet.
More names of workers of the barn. The Lightning Rod was from C. T. Wright. Names which will remain as long as the barn continues to stand.
 On the first floor, no one around
Recorder in the basement. None of the team around
Blue room in the basement. This was during set-up, when a team
member was placing cameras and recorders around the 
building. Nothing was being moved by this team member.
Spirit Box:
We had heard discussion regarding tearing down this building.
We wanted to know what the spirits that reside here thought
of this happening.
In the superintendents office.This is the name of one of the 
team that was present that night.
In the superintendents office. We try to get the spirits to interact with us. Maybe they do have a preference.

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