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Pleasant Prairie



One of our recent investigations led us to this location. A past resident of that location was buried in this cemetery. And being the type to walk around cemeteries, this we did on this day. Many stones are found here that are very old, some not readable, often the stones are cracked and starting to break away. But you can still feel the presence of the persons that these stones represent. And that is what draws us to find out more about this cemetery.

       Pleasant Prairie Church was organized in 1866. Several different persons served as minister at this location, some lasting for a few months while some lasted for several years. Most were male, but there was one female. This church stood tall and proud for many years. The final Church service was held some time in the 1970's. And as many places, the building is now falling down, a skeleton of the once proud building where many different generations gathered to worship and to pray. And it is to this history that we dedicate this page.

Every cemetery seems to have a theme. We find children who have passed away, way before their time. We find the veterans who proudly served our great country. And here we find multiple stones where mother, father, and one or more of their children are all buried all together, a family for all times. We honor you for your strong bonds, and know that you rest in eternity surrounded by those that you love, and that love you.
Mother, Father, and 3 Sons
Mother, Father, and Baby Boy
Mother, Father, and Baby Girl
Twin Stones. The one on the right has the cross broken off,
it now lies in front of the stone.

Husband, 2 Wives, and a Daughter
Mother, Father, and Son
No children listed, but both are listed as Doctor


Husband, Wife, and Daughter


Dedicated to our Servicemen

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