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Audio Clips
    The following are the clips we had from our night of investigation. Some are hard to hear, some may not make sense just being listened to, so we will give a little background on them. And some just show the fun we have while investigating. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.
Heard in the kitchen/dining room area by both
Teri and Dave.
Echo Vox:
Maybe they were hungry?
Both of these were heard in the stairwell area.
Both of these are hard to hear, so please wear headphones
and listen closely.
The same name kept coming through for Jolene, along
with unexplainable K2 hits.
We do not know who they are referring to with this
Team was walking down the hall, talking about
a YouTube video where Trish had her hair pulled.
Jolene asked if this was them, this was captured.
Maybe this was what they were thinking of us?
These, separate, do not seem to make sense, but when
put together, it forms a pattern.
These were captured in the stairwell area.
Hmmm, always comes back to food, doesn't it?
Robin seems to have a kitty that follows him around. The activity
picked up after his arrival and the K2 was hitting.
Not sure what this means, but is interesting.
Nothing says investigation like having a little fun with
those you investigate with.
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