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Phoenix Center
Springfield, Illinois
    Il-Mo Entity Trackers was honored to be asked by After Dark Paranormal for an investigation of the Phoenix Center, hosted by Dave and Trish from CAPS. This tract of land dates back to 1820, originally as an 80 acre plot. The documents and transactions bear the name of John Quincy Adams. This location was sold to St. Paul Episcopal Church in 1880, and the building was constructed later that year.
     Starting as St. Paul's Orphanage in 1881, the building became Mary Bryant's Home For The Blind on November 4, 1948. The building continued being used, becoming St. Monica's Home for unwed mothers in 1961.
     The building sat empty for a number of years, being purchased by the Phoenix Center in 2005. During the cleaning and renovations, one of the workers found a note that read, "Nuns live here but there dead." The handwriting and spelling was thought to be that of a child, possibly one that lived at the facility when it was an orphanage.
     During the last 9 years, various reports have been noted in the building including children's voices, footsteps in the hallways, doors opening, and the sighting of nuns dressed in habits. These have been reported by staff, visitors, and residents of the 2nd floor apartment.
     We had the pleasure of being greeted by Dave and Trish of CAPS, and given a tour. Being able to cover the basement, attic, and main floor, we were impressed with the size of the building.
     During the night, we found several places that were hard to hear due to the furnace operating (it was, after all, January!) but we did have some interesting experiences in the women's shower room. Our Mel Meter was noted to change in temperature when Dave asked it to, and K2 hits, as if someone had come in and sit in the chair in front of him.
     We had the opportunity to try out a new piece of equipment, the Echo Vox. We noted that we were getting correct answers to questions, while K2 meter responses were also being noted.
     We were pleased to have Robbin Terry join us in the investigation, and we wonder if he brought some of his resident spirits with him from the R Theater, because activity did seem to pick up after his arrival!
     Did we have any success during review? Stay with us and find out. We wish to thank Dave and Trish for being such good hosts, and we hope to be able to return again to this location one day soon!
Dave, Donna, and the rest gathered for the investigation.
Jolene investigates the basement.
The dining/living room area.
Dave in the old shower room area.
Stairs leading up to the
second floor. A lot of
activity is noted in this
area of the building.
Jolene investigates the
hallway area. She uses
her K2 meter, as well as her digital voice recorder.
Dave, Jolene, and Terry do an EVP session.
The games area.
Hallway leading to the front door.
Common area in the basement.
"Living Walls"
Performed by Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: The 13th Hour, 2005
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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