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Paranormal Unity Day, 2015
Auburn, Illinois
     This event was a great time from the minute we walked thru the door.  An 8 hour day of seeing old friends and catching up on what everyone is up to, to making new friends and learning so much from the speakers that came from miles away to spend the day and share some of their awesome ideas and stories. Did I mention the hosts??  None other than Robbin and Norma Terry!!! And the building being the very haunted R Theater!!  Where can you go and spend such a fun day for $10, and oh did I mention the food for us, especially the doughnuts?? Take my word for it and mark your calendars for next year!
Later that evening we investigated the R Theater, but I think from being a long day for us and so many people in and out the spirits were tired. The R Theater is a great place for any para team and if you haven't been here plan a date with Robbin Terry!  He hosts many events through out the year with a very special day with Brad Klinge in May! We had a such a Great Time at Para Unity Day. Hats off to Robbin and Norma for putting on such a talented line of speakers and great fun.  We had a incredible investigation with Cal and Donna from Boo Hunters that night and a relaxing time hanging out in the garage with them and Robbin and Norma.
Put this on your calendars for next year and keep up with all the events happening at the R Theater.  The Haunted R Theater 
Also wanted to mention for you guys that don't  know Robbin and Norma are also the new owners of Ashmore Estates.  What they have done there with many of their friends as far as clean up and structural up grades are amazing. The activity there is insane and the spirits are waiting to see you. This is a place you don't want to miss and they have some very cool Para People holding many events in 2015!  Keep up to date here:  Ashmore Estates 
All of the speakers were amazing so I would like to hit on the highlights from each one... Teri.                                                                                                                        
Melissa Tanner, Founder of TNT Paranormal, from Chicago, Illinois.
Melissa started out the day with great ideas on how they use trigger objects to interact with the spirits that they are communicating with. Some of these ideas seem so simple but yet why can't I think of them.. As simple as playing cards, jacks, bringing dolls.. I am looking forward to trying some of these on our upcoming investigations..She also shared stories of some of the places in her area that I would love to investigate in the future.. The Tinker House in Rockford sounds incredible.
Carl Jones, Founder of The Prairieland Consortium
Carl has been investigating over 20 years. He teaches classes at Lakeland College in Springfield IL and is founder of  The Prairieland Consortium that Jolene and Teri was invited to in Jan.  This is a monthly meeting and a gathering of interest from ghost to ufo to Bigfoot and everything in between. This is a awesome group of people that love sharing and talking para all day. We plan on getting to as many of these meetings as we can.

Carl spoke to us about old school trigger objects and things you can use without all the high tech gadgets that are out there.. scrabble tiles, led ballons and watch them move across the floor, dowsing rods, compass the list is endless and he loves sharing to get your mind going in a different direction!

Jim Heater, Founder of CHIPS from Chicago, and host of Paranormal Geeks Radio
Jim is amazing at all his knowledge and ideas of the paranormal.  Great stories from amazing investigations that he's been on and he is changing his path a little by going back to his first love of UFO's. He shared  verses from the Bible that lock in events of flying crafts and humans coming from the heavens. Peaked my interest and looking forward to hearing more of what Jim finds on this new path.. He keeps saying he is moving to Arizona, so we will miss him in our area but tune into the show and keep up with him on Face Book.
Ginger Collins-Justus   Owner of Missouri History and Hauntings
Ginger is an incredible walking history catalog. She loves to research places, land, buildings, people...anything she can find on a place. Her list of websites, books, and places in your area to look are endless. Her love of looking up morbid stories are not only entertaining, but some down right gross and she shares them on her facebook page. I found her fascinating and could listen of her stories all day. She is owner of Missouri History and Hauntings and with her spiritual gift of being a intuitive medium she can pick up on spirits in the room. She is from the St Louis area and feel free to reach out to her.
Shari Cain 
She brought in the controversial topic of the Ouija Board.  With the 125th anniversary of the Ouija Board it was interesting to hear about the history when the family gathered around the board after supper and "played" with it asking it all kinds of questions, just to see what answers they would get. It didn't get evil until the board was introduced into scary movies in the 60s and 70s where it seemed everyone was summoning up the devil. I have always question is there a difference between the board and the franks box or any of the speaking equipment we use in the paranormal. We are speaking to the dead Right? It's all in your intentions. I think I will be dusting mine off just to see what interaction we get.
Len Adams  Host of Lebanon Haunted Tours
I met Len 12 years ago at the Lemp Mansion and have seen him at several events. He has moved to the Lebanon Il area and is the host for the Lebanon Haunted Tours and has some very interesting spot to investigate in that area. The Mermaid Hotel has been one on my para bucket list so we are hoping to get down in that area in the spring. Len is a very funny guy and after being a 14 year tour guide for the Alton Area he sure has some stories to tell. Visit Lebanon IL if its in your area or contact Len on Facebook! He also attends meetings at the Prairieland events!
Mary Marshall  Host of The Paranormal MD Radio Show
Mary has been investigating over 26 years. She is host of her own radio show The Paranormal MD.  She helped develop one of the first Paranormal Study Programs in the country where she teaches at Harper College. Science, technology, metaphysics, and spirituality all wrapped into one. She has put years into these theories that are deep to follow but very interesting at the same time. Mary also hopes to find time to get 2 books on paper in the near future. Keep updated on the show and Mary's books at her facebook page.
Steven LaChance  Founder Missouri Paranormal Research
Our last guest speaker was Steven LaChance. If you haven't heard of Steven in the paranormal you must have been living under a rock. He started Missouri Paranormal Research in 2004. He is known for some very high profile cases including the Tri-County Truck Stop, The Union Screaming House, Zombie Road, The Exorcist House in St Louis just to name a few. He is a well known author with recent releases of The Univited and Blessed Are The Wicked. He has been a guest on many tv and radio shows and has been in several documentaries with the Booth Brothers. Stop by to keep up with Steven's busy schedule at his facebook page.
Teri and Steven LaChance
Nicki and Shane investigate the basement
Robbin Terry
Theater screening area
Shane and Nicki investigate the green room
Teri and David Lowery, The Paranormal Highwayman
 "Night Stalker"
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