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     You can do all the investigations that you want, trek around all the old cemeteries, and visit all the historical locations that you wish, but to get invited to do private locations, you have to have people know that you exist and can help the. And our main goal is to be able to help others with things that are happening inside their own home. And to do this, you have to have your name out where others can find you, and can contact you.
     We have very active Facebook pages, where we can be contacted. We have, of course, this website [and thanks for visiting us here!] One other thing is to appear in settings that promote the paranormal. Radio, newspaper articles, guest segments on local channels. All will help promote people understanding that we are available to help with their needs and concerns.
     This page is dedicated to those other sources where we have the chance to let others know that we are ready to help them. We appreciate having the opportunity to talk to others about something we so enjoy doing, and reminding people that there are those that are willing to help them. Please take a listen, or read, the following. And be sure to contact us for any questions that you might have.
Blog Talk Radio, Hooked On Hauntings Radio
One team member, Teri, had the opportunity to be a guest on the radio show, hosted by Sandy and Russ. They talked about paranormal investigations, past investigations, and where we would like to go in the future. She had a great time, and we so appreciate this opportunity.
Take a listen, and we hope that you enjoy the show!   Hooked On Hauntings 
Blog Talk Radio, Hooked On Hauntings Radio
Shane had the pleasure of being a guest on Blog Talk Radio, the paranormal
radio show hosted by Sandy and Russ Wells. They spoke to Shane regarding being new to the world of paranormal investigations, and got some of his ideas regarding how being an actual investigator differs than what he was expecting. 
Shane had a great time, and we want to thank Sandy and Russ for giving him
this opportunity.
Take a listen, and we hope that  you enjoy the show!     Hooked On Hauntings 

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