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Some Of Our Paranormal Favorites

Everyone agrees that there are no experts in the field of paranormal investigation. As much as we hope we will be able to help advance the scientific aspects, it is not there yet. There are as many different techniques as there are teams, and everyone has a different opinion of what constitutes evidence. Where it is all headed will be determined in the future. But all will agree that there are many who have worked to advance the understanding of the field of paranormal research. This section is dedicated to those persons and teams which constitute our favorites in this field. Maybe it is for their advancements into the history. Maybe it is for their advancements into equipment conversion or development. Or maybe it is for their advancements into the investigative process itself. All have our vote as our paranormal favorites. We hope you will look through each page, and click on the provided links. We think that many will soon become part of your favorites too!








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