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Interesting Paranormal Reads

     Whether it is a book about the paranormal, a how-to regarding investigations, or a work of fiction surrounding ghosts and spirits, Il-Mo Entity Trackers enjoys taking some time off to read a good book. The following are books we recommend by some of our favorite authors. And we have included the links where you can purchase your own copy. And some are available in e-book format for your iPad, Kindle, Nook, or other favorite e-reader. Have fun reading!
Echos From The Grave  written by Larry Wilson.
Stories from locations that Larry and his team, Urban Paranormal
have conducted around the midwest.
     Available at    Amazon    Barnes and Noble
     E-book format available at    Amazon   Barnes and Noble 

  Lies Told Under Oath  written by Beth Lane
 Follow the historical accounting of the investigation and trial which shocked the
  Quincy, Illinois area. The Pfanschmidt family, and a boarder, a young teacher, were murdered
  in 1912, and the  crime covered up by a fire. Was the son guilty? Was it someone else?
  Follow this accounting of the trials, verdict, and the aftermath of the proceedings.
  Based on historical court room testimony and newspaper accounts.
   Available at  Amazon   Barnes and Noble
     E-book format available at   Amazon  Barnes and Noble
Beyond Life, The Ghost Chronicles  written by Daniel Norvell and Sandra Wells. 
A set of fictional tales surrounding the paranormal, and the
ghosts who didn't live to tell them.
       Available at   Amazon      Barnes and Noble    

       E-book format available at   Amazon     Barnes and Noble

Chasing Shadows  written by Larry Wilson
Take a look at some of the most haunted
and mysterious locations in the Midwest,
as seen by Larry Wilson.
     Available at      Amazon     Barnes and Noble
     E-book format available at  Amazon   Barnes and Noble 
Out Of The Dark   written by Keith Age
True stories, based on the case files of the
Louisville Ghost Hunters Society
      Available, in limited stock, at    Amazon


The Asylum: Josiah's Pain  written by Sandra Wells
The fictional story of a young boy brought to an
asylum and left by his mother, and the fears
he lived, and died through.
     Available at   Amazon
     E-book format available at  Amazon   Barnes and Noble

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