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We are a team of located in the Tri State Area, covering Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa, with professional para investigators who have the passion and commitment to not only investigate, but also to try to help the clients alleviate their fears. We spend countless hours on social media sites, keeping up to date with other investigators, sharing ideas, new equipment, and different beliefs. We are always willing to learn, to better enable us to help you, the client. Our group may be small, but our investigators are very experienced in the field of paranormal investigation, as well as with doing the time-consuming but very important aspect of research.

We combine our current and past knowledge with a scientific approach to obtain the best results possible. I-MET will keep you current on all evidence collected, and will sit down with you at the reveal to explain what was found and our interpretation.
Our pledge to you is to do the best investigation possible, and to try to ease your worries or fears. We never charge for our services for the investigation or for any research that we do. All collected evidence will be presented to you, the client, during the reveal. And evidence will be posted in accordance to what you, the client wishes to have revealed. If you have questions, concerns, or feel you would like an investigation, please use the contact email below. We promise to respond to you in a very timely manner.

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