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Ohio State Reformatory
Mansfield, Ohio


     From 1886 to 1990, this building served as the largest free-standing steel block in the country. It stands 5 tiers high, and its goal was to reform prisoners who had the greatest chance to change their ways. Starting with 150 prisoners, it housed a total of more than 155,000 offenders during its operation. In 1955, it housed its greatest number of prisoners at one time, being home to 5235 persons. This building has seen it share of violence and death over the years. A prison farmer and his family were murdered, while a superintendent's wife died from an apparent, accidental self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. A prisoner lit himself on fire using turpentine and paint thinner. Other reports are of a prisoner hanging himself in a cell. All very violent ways to die.
     In 1995, the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society became responsible for the facility. They had in mind a goal of restoration and preservation of this building which is rich in history, not only to Ohio, but to the country.
     This building has also been the location of several movies being filmed. Tango & Cash, The Shawshank Redemption, and Air Force One have all been filmed in this location. When the film crews left, was there something left behind, besides the banners? Many reports have come out of Ohio State Reformatory of paranormal activity, including voices, unexplained noises, apparitions, and the sense of being touched. Are the souls of those that died within these walls still there, possibly awaiting their reprieve or parole? We had the opportunity to try to find out when we attended an event at this facility. We were pleased to be able to meet several people well-known in the paranormal field. And we hoped to find a few answers along the way. Did we? Keep reading and find out.


The view from a distance. Note how large the facility is, and the wire fence surrounding the buildings.
Teri with the Constantinos
Teri with Chris Fleming
Tim, a current guard and
a former prisoner of  Ohio
State Reformatory, stated 
the hanging plant arm
was used to lower bodies
from the upper floors.
The third floor was also
knows and the TB Floor,
and many deaths occurred.
The gates. These were
seen in the movie
Air Force One.
Inside a cell
Zak Bagans and Billy Tolley
Rows of cells

The lower row of cells
These are from a recorder that was recording the conversation.
A recorder was being played of a voice that had been captured.



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