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We have all had them. The photo that we think reveals something "not of this world," but we can't get anyone else to see it. The video clip that we just know for sure is a spirit, only to figure out that it is the light bouncing off the wall, or a mirror, or someone stepping into someone else's light and casting a shadow. Or more frequently, the voice that doesn't fit with the conversation, only to find the answer on another recorder.
Il-Mo Entity Trackers take our evidence review very seriously. Each member reviews his or her evidence, than the results are shared with the rest of the team, so everyone has input on the various pieces of evidence. And we also compare one recorder or video clip with another, to see if we can find the answers to the puzzling question, is it paranormal or isn't it? We strive to present only those pieced of evidence we can not determine an answer for, and those are what we present to our clients.  
On this page we will post the "Best Of The Best," some of those pieces of evidence which, with diligent review, we found to not be paranormal. And some of these presented may be some of those things that you are sure might be, but are tucking away in your own file, to bring out and view on occasion. We hope you like our non-evidence page, and see it as another way we work to present the best we possibly can to our clients. 

At a recent investigation, the team was sitting around talking. As we had some guest investigators, we were relating some experiences from past investigations. Upon review we heard the following, and at first thought we had captured an intelligent response to the conversation.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? We thought so too! But upon review of several other recorders, we found that the homeowner was in the other room, having their own conversation, and was laughing (that we could not hear) and this was captured on our recorders. But what was even stranger...this was the only time they laughed and it happened to be during our story. It is a good example of how reviewing helps debunk your own potential evidence.


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