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Mount Olive Cemetery

     Located at the end of a gravel road, and right on a curve, you will find Mount Olive Cemetery. This cemetery is also known by the names Mount Olivet and Nickellton Cemetery. The church building was torn down a few years ago, having deteriorated into an unsafe structure. Today, the grass is mowed and the stones sit as a quiet reminder of the past. A past which might still be trying to make itself heard. 
     Sometimes it helps to know the history of a location, both very past and recent past. A trip to the courthouse netted some of these answers to the distant past, while a conversation with a reliable person known to us gave us some insight into the recent past, one which might have a dark lining.
     In 1898, Mordecai and Nancy Harp deeded to J. Baker, Trustee for the Church Of Christ, the land where the cemetery is currently located. No other deeds could be found. The church was built (according to records found) in 1897 by Ephraim Nelson. Most of the congregation was Methodist, but all denominations were welcome. Most of the families that attended were local coal mining families. In the mid 1940's, due to declining membership, the church was organized (unknown if the name changed at this time) and the congregation remained intact until the mid 1970's when it appears to have ceased holding regular services. Reunions of the church were held for several years. By the mid 1990's the church had fallen into a state of shambles, where it sat for many years, only recently being demolished and the site cleaned up of debris. 
     But the story of Mount Olive Cemetery does not end there. In the mid 1990's the church was the scene of many acts of vandalism. The Sanctuary floor, which was hardwood, had a pentagram drawn on the floor, as well as on the walls. Spray paint was used to deface the walls with graffiti and drawings. Candles were set up around the floor, resembling Satanic practice. At one time, there was a black trash bag in a stove in the basement, which contained the dead body of a raccoon. Animal sacrifice? We may never know. But we do know that defacing any church is not something which should ever be tolerated or condoned. Do the past members of the church feel sorrow at what has happened? Further investigations just might give us those answers. But for now, please "visit" this cemetery with us, and listen for anything which the residents of this location might have to say to those of us that are willing to listen.

 Is this some indication of Satanic practice? Or is this an example of
massive disrespect from some elements in the area? Either way, a house of worship never deserves to be treated in such a manner.

Writings like this could indicate gang activity, or someone who just needs to evaluate what their idea of "fun" might be.

*The above photos, including those of the church building, are being used with permission of Greg Brammer.
Il-Mo Entity Trackers extends our sympathy to Greg's family on his passing on March 20, 2012. Greg spent many hours attempting to capture evidence of the existence of life after death, and will never be forgotten. We are not sure how long his website will be active, but until the time that it closes down, please visit his site to listen to many of his recordings of voices from beyond.

The view from the cemetery today.



Four family members, together forever.

An unusual stone formation in the cemetery. Can it represent a grave? There are no markings that we could find.

Husband and wife.
John died March 9 with cause of death listed as pneumonia,  while Mary Ann died March 15, cause of death listed as lung and heart
disease. They were married July 27, 1862.


"Beyond The Gates"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Out Of The Darkness, 2006
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