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Mineral Springs
Alton, Illinois
Bill and Jenn, and Il-Mo Entity Tracker's founder Teri
     One of the best known haunted location in Alton, Illinois is Mineral Springs. Our team has been there several times, and have always had a great time. So any excuse to return and we jump on it! This trip to Mineral Springs was to help celebrate the birthday of Bryan Gorman, and also to be able to spend some time with our good friends Bill and Jenn, before they made their big move to Louisana.
    After meeting everyone that was attending, we listened to Janet relate to us the history of this wonderful building. As many times as we hear, we are still carried back to a time long ago. We can almost feel the history as she relates the facts, on a building that she obviously loves very much.
     Bill, who builds equipment to use for paranormal investigations, had many of these set up on a table, and demonstrated how to use them, some of which he created! We are always interested in new equipment, in handling, using, and obtaining  additional pieces to use during our investigations.
     Bobbi Brooks and Dave Richey next spoke on video and audio clips, their views on capturing, and how to best evaluate these pieces of evidence.
     We enjoyed all the talks, and we enjoyed visiting with old friends. But no visit to Alton is complete without a lights-out investigation of this amazing building. So it was time to turn off the lights and turn up the enjoyment, and our investigation started. 
     The Men's Pool, always a center of activity, was our first stop. During a previous investigation completed by Dave, a candle had moved across the pool in the shallow end. Bobbi set up in that area, and an EVP session was completed.  After a length of time, we continued through the building, with a long stop in the sub-basement area. 
     Overall, it was a quiet night at the Springs. But it was a great night to hang out with some great friends. We hope to be able to do this again in the very near future.
     Please take a few minutes to review what we did that night.
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Bobbi, having fun in the grid lights in the basement

Bill talks about the equipment he has created

View down the hallway

Bobbi and Davy discuss video and audio

EVP session in the men's pool area


Exploring the sub-basement area

The stairs, where the lady is said to walk. Story has it that her jealous husband pushed her down these steps, after finding her with her lover. No record can be found for this, but people have been noted to smell Jasmine, and many have seen the lady in the past.
Both of these clips were captured while the team was doing
an EVP session in the Men's Pool area.
Could this be the same thing that Dave saw the last time he was here?
During the time this was captured, the team all heard a man's voice.
At this time, there were only 4 other people in the building, and
they were up in the apartments on the top floor.
The pool is in the basement area.

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