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Mineral Springs, Saturday

Alton, Illinois


We had such a great time on Friday night that we decided to do Mineral Springs for a second night. This time there were less amount of people present, which would decrease the amount of possible contamination. The night started out with a tour of the cemetery and the building itself, and than we were on our own. After the previous night, we believed that we knew the building better, and we hoped that we could encourage the spirits to interact with us. We hoped we would be able to make further contact with the spirit that had started contacting us the previous night, in the upstairs bedroom. Did this happen? Were we successful? Follow us as we recount our adventures on this night, and I promise you will not be disappointed. We weren't!
The investigation started in the upstairs bedroom, known as Pearl's room. This was an area where a young woman was reported to have committed suicide. One of the guest investigators had a very unusual experience while using dowsing rods. He said that he had never used any of these tools before, and as the pictures can attest, he seemed to be very fixated on something. After handing back the dowsing rods, he became very light-headed and slumped to the floor for several minutes. He has granted us the right to show his picture and relate his story. This is what he said. 
"I saw the room, but it was new, furnished with drapes, a bed finished very beautiful. The air was very stale like a musty, dirt basement. The taste was like that I could smell the faint smell of some kind of flower, not a rose but something else. I was surrounded by about 12 or so different people all around me, walking toward me but they didn't move like they walk, more like a weird left and right movement almost like a walk but not. The bed had white satin sheets, fully made. Fresh stain on the trim and floor, with a rug in the middle. There was some kind of wall paper on the walls or a wall covering. It was dark outside the window, completely dark, no lights outside, almost like they were blacked out. The voices, so many of them all talking at once, some of the voices were very angry. I could hear some crying, one woman's voice was the closest to me and that one I could make out what she was saying. She asked if I had seen her dog? And that she was looking for him, and she missed it very much....and the next thing I know, I'm very dizzy and light-headed, my legs got very weak. The best way to describe it is it felt like heat exhaustion right before you fall out...and someone asking if I was alright."
 You can see from the photos that the dowsing rods were moving around in his hands, while his gaze was straight ahead. The entire episode lasted for several minutes, and he took several minutes to recover from the dizziness which overtook him. He was able to recover and continue with the rest of the investigation. He did not seem to have any lasting problems after this incident. We were very relieved that he was not hurt, and appreciate his efforts to continue. The next experience was in the soldier's room, and it ended in a very pleasant way, which we will tell you about shortly.
The previous night we had had some responses in a bedroom upstairs. This, we were told, was Pearl's bedroom, where the young woman was to have committed suicide. There was some questions as to whether this was actually a suicide, or if there was more to the story. The following videos clips, involving the K-2 meter, were captured in this room.
     Pearl had birds, which she dearly enjoyed.                                                               The story goes that her husband took off her rings
                                                                                                                                                          as she lay in her casket.
                      The Men's Pool                                  Teri listens to hear what is in the night                      A little girl is said to play here

In the Meat Locker
Unknown Area, recorder carried
Men's Pool
Men's Pool
In one of the Pools, recorder carried
Unknown area, recorder carried
Soldier's Room:
After you listen to the recordings and watch the video clips, you will understand why we refer to this as the soldier's room. It is one of the bedrooms on the second floor.
The group said a prayer for this young soldier, who seemed to be having trouble crossing over to the other side. Afterwards, everyone had the feeling that things were different, and that he was no longer present. Is this possible? We are not sure, but we hoped we were able to help this one person be reunited with the people that they love.
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