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Mineral Springs, Friday Night

Alton, Illinois

  It was intended to be an ice storage plant when construction was started by August and Herman Luer, but during drilling, the workers discovered a sulfur springs was underneath the area. The plans changed, and Mineral Springs was born. At the time, it was thought that sulfur springs had magical healing powers. The building sported two different pools where people could bathe and enjoy the "benefits" of the waters. Times changed, and the crowds dwindled. Mineral Springs Hotel was closed in 1971, but reopened in the late 1970's. It has been the home to several business, but most recently has been an antique mall.

      The stories surrounding Mineral Springs Hotel go much deeper than the waters that used to flow into the pools. It is reported that an artist, commissioned to complete a mural, committed suicide before finishing the project, or did he? There is the story of the Jasmine Lady, who was said to have been pushed down the stairs by her husband after catching her with her lover, did she really exist? And the story of Pearl, who was reported to have taken her own life in an upstairs bedroom, or was it murder? The living frequently report all too real stories regarding this building, or are they the figment of an overactive imagination? Fragrances being smelled, people seen to only disappear again, a blank piece of paper left at night when the doors were locked becomes colored on by morning, the sounds of the children captured on recorders in the pool area. Are they the residents of the Hotel from a different era trying to make contact with the present?
     The building is currently undergoing renovations. Upstairs rooms are becoming apartments. Are the renovations upsetting to the past residents? Does talk about reopening the pool cause distress to the little girl who resides there, apparently underneath the steps? Or does the sulfur water that flows underneath ground still draw the spirits to the area, in the hopes of obtaining some healing for an unknown problem? We hoped to be able to answer some of these questions and more as we joined with several other teams to explore this historic location. Please join us and see what we learned that night, and see if the spirits were willing to share some of their experiences with us. You might be surprised!
Teri and Matt discuss the investigation during a break.
Some of our fellow investigators during our time at Mineral Springs Hotel.
The balcony leading from the ballroom to the main level. A woman has been seen walking here, to just disappear.
Matt uses the spirit box while Sharon records the session.
At one time there was a meat packing plant which occupied the basement. These are the hooks used to hold the sides of meat, waiting to be processed.
The stairs where Jasmine was said to have been thrown down. Some claim to be able to smell her perfume from time to time in this area.
All of these responses were captured in an upstairs bedroom which we started calling the soldier's room.

Upstairs bedroom

Upstairs in Pearl's room. No one upstairs at this time.
Spirit Box:

In the soldier's room.



The above five responses were all captured in Pearl's bedroom.

In the ballroom, Matt and Sharon doing an EVP session with the Spirit Box.

Noise in the ballroom.
We wish to thank all the teams that were present this night. We had a wonderful time meeting everyone, think it was a great investigation, and made some new friends. The experience in the soldier's room upstairs, at the end of the night, will not soon be forgotten. Blessings to you and yours, and we hope to meet you again really soon. 

Sound behind Matt and Teri which both heard.
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