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Milton School
Alton, Illinois

     Anyone associated with the paranormal knows the name of the city of Alton, Illinois. It has often been called "the most haunted town in the United States."  Located along the Mississippi River, Alton has been the home of the final Lincoln-Douglas Debate, the home of the worlds tallest man, Robert Wadlow, the birthplace of Miles Davis, and the site of a Civil War Prison where many suffered from the disease Smallpox. And one of the best know buildings in Alton is the Milton School.
      This building opened as a 4-room school house in 1904. An additional was constructed in the 1930's, with a gym being added in 1937.  2 horror films have been shot here, as well as a political film. And there also continues a tale of mystery and death.
     How many tales of haunting start as folklore? That question will remain just that, a question that can't be answered. The tale with this building is that in the 1930's, a school girl was raped and killed, her body being found later in the school. Later, the janitor was found, hanging in the boiler room, a note nearby confessing to the crime. Many people have researched this event, and can not find any record that a murder ever happened in the school. Oh, someone did die there, and it was a janitor, but he had a heart attack while on his lunch break, nothing paranormal about that. But still the tales continue. And how can you account for the stories of activity that are told today?
     Previous reports of activitiy are the sound of footsteps in the hallway, items that disappear to reappear in a different location, the feeling of being threatened by something you can not see, and the apparition of a little girl.
     Fact or fiction..that is what we wanted to find out, as we headed to Alton one night, to explore this massive building that is receiving a much needed revival by its current owners. We hope that the spirits that remain appreciate all the hard work that Meridith is putting into this building, and we hope that stands for a long time as a reminder of days of long ago.
Alton School, from a photo taken in 1968.
Teri and Brian look at something on the computer.
The boiler room. Here
have been reports of
footsteps, voices, and 
balls of light.
Long hallway in the basement.
Shower room. Here there
have been reports of 
voices and of being
 The boys bathroom. Voices
and the sound of children
have been heard in this
 The Piasa Bird, the Native American Dragon, found painted
on the side of the cliffs. 
 Possibly a response to our question?
The next two recordings were captured in the basement.
The room right above our heads was full of boxes and
things and no one was up there moving around.


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