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Milton School

Alton, Illinois
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers recently had the pleasure to return to one of the most noted locations in Alton, Illinois, Milton School. The owners have been working very hard on restoring this building, and have almost achieved their goal. After this year, investigations of Milton School will be halted. Riverbend Paranormal has been hosting these events for the last few years, and we were very pleased that we could attend. Having been there before, we were looking for some repeats of earlier experiences. But we all know that spirits don't "perform on command," so we would just have to wait to see what happened. Please follow us as we recap our experiences at this historic location. And we wish to thank Meridith and Riverbend Paranormal for a wonderful night!
One of the persons attending that night was celebrating a
birthday. She was surprised and pleased that they helped
her to celebrate this night.
The boiler room in the basement. No evidence has shown that anyone died in the basement, except for a janitor who had a heart
attack while on his lunch break. But voices have been heard here
and some people do not like the sensation they have while here.

Shower room in the basement. One of the other investigators
reported being touched several times in this area. Also reported 
have been shadow persons and the sounds of people talking.
Erin investigates in basement, taken on full spectrum digital camera.
Teri takes photos with her full spectrum camera.
Sharon in the basement, using IR video as well as an
IR digital camera.
Sharon records the K2 meter in the basement.
Teri investigates in the basement.
In the basement, towards the end of the night.
In the basement, in the boiler room. One of the
investigators was named Erin.
One of the investigators was named Adam. Listen to this.
We thought it was kinda funny.
The H20,sitting on a chair in the basement. So far
we have not had any success with this piece of equipment, 
but we are not giving up!
Sharon, Teri, and Erin in the basement.
No one had a cell phone on, and this was the only response
obtained during this session.
In the basement. Ovilus response, not edited in any fashion.

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