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Miller House Museum
Keokuk, Iowa
    We love the history behind a location. Who lived there, who died there, what events happened, and how things have stayed the same or changed. And when we can share an investigation with another team, it is even better. This is what happened recently when our team joined with members of After Dark Paranormal and River City Paranormal to investigate the Miller House Museum. The building was the home of U. S. Justice Samuel F. Miller, and is currently the home of the Lee County Historical Society. The workers in the building have experienced activity that they couldn't explain, and was hoping for some solid "evidence" to prove that it wasn't just imagination. And the activity was amazing. Full bodied apparition, voices, and activity on the K2 meter made the night memorable. And spending time with old friends, and making new ones, added to the pleasure we had that night.
     Come join us now as we recount our night. We hope that you will take the time to stop in and visit the historical society the next time you are in town. They have a wonderful collection of artifacts from the town, and it will definitely be worth the time.
For more information on the Miller House, or the Lee County Historical Society:   Lee County Historical Society  
Plaque that hangs outside of the house
Some of the beautiful architecture you will see inside the house
Beautiful dresses are found in each room, each from the
time period. Kinda creepy on the forms too!
Jolene from River City Paranormal investigates one of
the upstairs bedrooms
Randy uses the dousing rods near the couch, where Teri
saw a full bodied apparition earlier in the evening
The team for the night's investigation
Thanks to After Dark Paranormal and River City Paranormal
Ryan investigates the upstairs bedroom
Spirit Box
Upstairs bedroom. The spirit box shifted to a love song
Not paranormal, but this happened several times during the 
investigation, all on romantic songs, and never the same
upstairs bedroom
Downstairs living room

Teri does an EVP session, using the spirit box, in the room
where she earlier saw a full bodied apparition.
Team in the upstairs hallway
Talking in the basement, when the K2 meter was responding
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