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Miller House-Revisited
Keokuk, Iowa
     Anyone who follows us knows that a large part of an investigation is devoted to the research of a property. Historical properties are locations we truly feel drawn. To try to sense the spirits that might remain there. To feel what they might have been going through at the time. To be able to take a step back in time, and maybe to be able to understand that era better.
     When we get the chance to share what we have learned, or gained from a previous investigation, we feel as if we want to jump with joy! This was the case recently at the Miller House in Keokuk. We had been invited to return here, not only for another investigation, but to speak to the gathered regarding our previous investigation conducted along with River City Paranormal. The group gathered were very excited and interested in the evidence we presented. To check out our previous investigation, please click this link:   Miller House  and than this one   Miller House Continued 
     After Jolene gave a tour of the house, we broke up into 2 individual groups, and  the investigation started. One group started in the basement, stopping in the dentist office and than the furnace room. We had the opportunity to try out our new trail cam in this room. We didn't capture anything, but know that we will continue to use this piece of equipment during future investigations.
     Experiences during the night included footsteps in the rooms, on the stairs, female whisper, hangers clanging in the closet, and the sound of crumpling paper. We had some time to compare groups' experiences. The sense of heaviness we had in a couple of rooms gave us the feeling that there was more there than we could see. And definitely intrigued us into wanting to return some day in the near future.
      We wish to thank the Historical Society for allowing us access to their wonderful building. We appreciate the friendships we not only developed, but expanded on that night. And we hope to build on these in the future. Please join us now as we recount our night, and present our evidence. And we hope that the spirits in the building had as much fun as we did. 
Looking towards one of the many fireplaces in the house.
The furniture is correct for the time period of the house.
Nicki visits with two others who came to hear the lecture and stayed to investigate with us.
Fleta Quick, born Jan 1903, died Aug 1919
Parents: Alfred and Cleota Quick
Restored portrait

Stairs going to top floor. Often hear footsteps here.
The steps continue this elegant curve around to the
top floor.
Shane runs the video camera in the room during the
investigation. This requires the IR lights, as the room is
too dark otherwise to see.

Jolene speaks to the gathered group, talking about
the history of the house. She next took questions
and presented answers for the interested people.
The front doors, which welcome you to enter,
and encourages you to return.
The staircase upstairs. Shadow figures have been
seen in this area many times.
Nicole speaks with one of the guests, while Shane
listens to a recording by another guest.
Shane videos in the basement.
Upstairs room.
Bedroom at the top of the stairs.
Upstairs room.

Bedroom at the top of the stairs.
Do they pay that much attention?
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