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Miller House Museum, Continued
    All teams have their favorite pieces of equipment, that never seem to let them down. They have those pieces that they don't like and won't use again. And they have those pieces of equipment that they continue to use, even though they have seldom had success with it. Such was this night, and this piece of equipment. 
     We like our K2 meter, but to be honest, we have had very limited success with using it to receive responses. But we keep on trying. And this night, we were so glad that we did. All the responses below were all captured in the furnace room. Now, we used our meter around the room and received no changes. The heat was not on this night, nor the air, so there should be anything coming from the furnace itself. And, other than when we asked questions, there were no lights showing. The last one is most interesting! These are just a small sample of what we captured that night. We look forward to returning to try this again!

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