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Midnight Syndicate
     When one thinks of music that represents dark, stormy, scary, one has to think of the music of Midnight Syndicate. Known for their gothic style of music, Midnight Syndicate has been a staple at many Halloween attractions. Their website states that  they "blend dark, orchestral horror and fantasy movie score-style music with sound effects" to create music that tempts the mind as well as entertains the ear.
     Formed in 1995 by composer/director Edward Douglas, Midnight Syndicate has created images with their music for the past 17 years. Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have created music tracks which have been featured on films as well as video games, on television programs and documentaries related to the paranormal. Their eerie style takes the listener from the mundane to the extraordinary in the matter of a few beats. Known as the "First Haunted House Band," Midnight Syndicate has a following across the United States as well as around the world. From their first release Midnight Syndicate in 1997 to their latest A Time Forgotten in 2012, Midnight Syndicate has forged their place in music history, and into the souls of their dedicated listeners. And the best is yet to come....
     We are proud and honored to be able to feature the music of Midnight Syndicate on our webpages as well as on our video tracks. Please visit their website for information on how to order one of their many CDs. We know you will be glad you did!
    Midnight Syndicate
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